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Room Acoustic
Design Projects

Our Special Program For Churches

Our Special Program For Churches Subtitle goes here Full-Range Energy Churches are large venues. With churches, we have left the small room and are now in a larger room, a much larger room. Instead of one seat as in a personal listening room or 4-8 seats in our home theaters, we have 250 seats. We [...]

Why this room did not work

Why This $200k Room Did Not Work Acoustic Redesign by Acoustic Fields What went wrong? Our client spent 200,000.00 in this room. He spent two weeks listening to the room when it was built and treated. He walked out and never went back. He locked the door and now uses it for storage space. What [...]

$2M Home Theater Project, Work in Progress

- Work in Progress - Home Theater Project Specs: Room Size: 40' W x 20' H x 60' L Seating: 30 Screen Size: 20' Channels: 30 Subwoofers: 8 - 18" SPL: 120 STC: 90 Carbon Walls: 24" Deep Budget: 2 M Diaphragmatic Horsepower Our carbon technology built into two walls, not just one. Our ACDA-10 [...]

Music Environment: Private High-End Home Theater

Music Environment Private High-End Home Theater Project First Impressions Listen to Craig's journey. Listen to how our QDA-17 Carbon Diffuser sounded on the front and rear walls. Listen to the sonic impact Craig heard with our Carbon Panels on the side walls. Listen to the impact on the music environment the QD-11 ceiling diffusion has. [...]

Very Dedicated Listening Piano Rooms

Very Dedicated Listening Piano Rooms CAW - Carbon Absorbing Wall Hugh's Video Walkthrough • 2′ x 12″ Wood Frame Studs • Carbon technology on walls and ceiling • Multiple Layered Stud Space “Sandwiches” • Wall Sections Bolted Together • Low Noise Floors • Engineered Ceilings • 12″ Thick Door Building Advantages Building your own room [...]

Brad Haehnel

Brad Haehnel Noise Alchemy Studios LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, USA Testing the Product - Brad's Studio & our ACDA units Brad Haehnel, an audio engineer, started with 8 of our ACDA-10 units to manage the low frequencies from 30 - 300 Hz. in his room. He will be building a new studio shortly and wanted to [...]

State of the Art Acoustics

State of the Art Acoustics Dual Usage Room: Listening and Piano Silence is golden What do you get when you build a listening room that cost $450,000.00? You get nothing. You get a room that sounds like no room. The best sound you will ever hear from your electronics is just the electronics with no [...]

Totally Gong Studio

Totally Gong Studios Washington State USA Watch as our client sets up our ACDA units, Carbon Panels, and QD-17 diffusers. He has two rooms, one is a live room and one is the control room. Notice that both rooms are coincidental and almost square. Notice the number of units used and where they are placed. [...]

Nick’s Studio Huntington Beach, CA. USA

Room Acoustics Room acoustics is a step by step process. You first select the room size to match usage. These two variables must align. Too much energy, too small room, too many problems starting with frequencies below 100 Hz. Take your intended usage and measure maximum frequency and amplitude that will be going on inside [...]

Kaito Sushi Bar

Kaito Sushi Bar A Case Study Have you ever been to a restaurant that the noise level was so high you could not hear the person sitting across the table from you? Forget hearing the waiter or the bus person asking if you would like lemon with your water. You even started thinking that it [...]

Carbon Hammer

There are three types of room modes or room distortion. There are axial modes which occur between two parallel wall surfaces. These can occur between the front and rear walls, between the side walls and also between the floor and ceiling. Their relative strength is determined by the distance between the two parallel surfaces and [...]

Dual Usage Rooms

Dual Usage Rooms Home Theater Two Channel A lot of rooms today have multiple usages. In the professional world, you have rooms that are live rooms where people record instruments in. They also mix in the same room. In the consumer world, you will have a home theater and a personal listening room combined. These [...]


A.C.E. Acoustic Compliance Enhancement KRK Speakers KRK Systems Home Page

D.I.Y. Done Right

D.I.Y. Done Right 9 Month Project Do You Want To Solve Your Room Acoustic Problems?There's no one size fits all when it comes to room acoustics. That's why you need an individual room acoustic analysis in order to fix the issues you're facing in your room. Our chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley will analyse your [...]

Brenda Desjardins – Studio 23

Brenda's Studio 23 Professional voice actor from San Diego, CA Designed for personal requirements It is special to have your own personal audio room. A room that is designed for your own personal usage. A room where the frequency response of your voice is designed for into the size and volume of your room. It [...]

Acoustic Fields Bus Tour

For years, all of us in the music business knew our rooms sound bad, especially in the low end. Those of us in the business have tried many things but most treatments do not perform as advertised or work at all. We have tried boxes filled with building insulation, foam, yes, and even egg crates [...]

Bill Malina

Bill Malina Grammy & Emmy nominated recording & mixing engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. Lady Gaga | Robin Thicke | Anastacia | Backstreet Boys | Jennifer Lopez | 2Pac Lady Gaga Robin Thicke Anastacia Backstreet Boys Jennifer Lopez 2Pac Santana | Quincy Jones | Pitbull | Ringo Starr | Destiny’s Child | Flo Rida [...]

The Moods of Modes

The Moods of Modes Let's talk about room modes and why they are one of the biggest challenges to accurate sound reproduction within our rooms. Unwanted Pressure In Our Sound Fields Low-frequency pressure is everywhere in our small rooms. It is all along the side walls. It is all through the area from the floor [...]

Side 3 Studios

Side 3 Studios LOW FREQUENCY ACCURACY Powerful Treatment - Easy Positioning All small audio rooms produce large low-frequency issues below 100 Hz. These unwanted modal pressure issues vary in frequency and amplitude. You can have + 16 dB @ 40 Hz. or - 11 dB @ 80 Hz. They are everywhere in the room. They [...]

T.A.P. – Type, Amount & Position

The T.A.P. Principle T.A.P. : TYPE - AMOUNT - POSITION: USE THIS TO IMPROVE YOUR ROOM ACOUSTIC Proven & Tested Techniques At Acoustic Fields, we have a database of over 130 built and measured rooms. The smallest room size/volume is 10' x 8' x 10' . The largest is 40' x 20' x 40' . [...]

Donovan Stark

Donovan Stark Musician, Producer & Engineer. Worked for SSL, iQ Audio, American Music & Sound {{ vc_btn: title=Watch+part+II&style=classic&color=danger&size=xs&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-youtube-play&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fbit.ly%252F2FAZMsa%7C%7Ctarget%3A%2520_blank%7C }} Nightmares & Reality Small rooms are two things. They are a reality today in the music business. They are also a nightmare when it comes to low frequency management. I have accepted both facts. I don't [...]

DIY Studio: New Zealand

New Zealand DIY Studio Project Pure Sound Small rooms have large acoustical issues. Those that realize this are on their way to understanding what needs to be done to manage the two most critical issues we deal with in small rooms: pressure and reflections. Pressure is low frequency energy below 100 Hz. that will not [...]

Carbon Absorption Wall – CAW

Carbon Absorption Wall Integrate The Most Powerful Low Frequency Absorption Technology Into Your Room Walls. 1. Your room framed out with 2" x 12" stud. 2. Barrier technology placed on outside of frame. 3. Stud depth calculated for each wall. 4. Carbon filter installed for each stud space. 5. Carbon filter installed between studs. 6. [...]

Church Acoustics in Kodiak, Alaska, USA | DIY Church Project

DIY Church Project Church Acoustics Kodiak, Alaska, USA Listen Closely To Your Room Buildings are all about size, volume, and usage. What are the dimensions, what is the total volume, and what its usage? All of these three variables must be addressed. It does not matter to the room what you do in it. It [...]

Yohann Abbou | DIY Studio France

Yohann Abbou | Paris, France Guitarist, Composer & Engineer Studio Grade Acoustics Small rooms are every acoustic engineer's nightmare and every musician's reality. It is a fact of life today, that small room sizes and volumes are the norm. How do we get good definition and separation with our bass notes? How do we achieve [...]

SOWA | DIY Studio

SOWA of Magic Feathers Small Room - Multiple Usages It is the trend today. We use smaller rooms and expect more out of them. We use our smaller rooms to mix, record, and even master in. Real estate is expensive and with DAWs, we expect our rooms to perform multiple functions which back in the [...]

Sacred Ground Studios, Hollywood, CA

Sacred Ground Studios A Music Listening Room Like No Other Live & Two Channel Playback in One Room Sacred Ground is a dual purpose room. It measures 15′ w x 9′ h x 29′ l. Both “live” end and two channel playback are all built under the same room acoustic. Excessive low and middle frequency [...]

Dedicated Music Listening Room, North Carolina, USA

Taking Time For Yourself A dedicated listening room is a special place. It is a dedicated room just for one purpose and one purpose only. It is a room to listen to music in. It is a room to listen to two channel audio presentations in. It is a room to let go and let [...]

London | DIY Studio London

London | DIY STUDIO Listen as Stuart walks us through the build process using our DIY plans and design consultation system. We sent him our foam and carbon technology. He builds the carbon units himself and does the installation for the control room. He also installs our new vocal room carbon panels for smooth vocals,that [...]

Joe’s Garage Los Angeles, CA

Joe's Garage Los Angeles, CA Building an audio room to make your living in is an LA thing. Using an existing 2 - car garage is another LA thing. We had neighbors both sides at 8'. Residential street 6' away. Must be really, really, really quiet. Must achieve maximum noise isolation in existing 2" x [...]

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