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Acoustic Design Project

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Studio 2020 in Chicago and Capitol Records had the same lower frequency issues in their control rooms. Even though they were different sizes and volumes, they both had issues from 30 – 200 Hz. Those of us in the music business know how critical and special this frequency range is. It is everything for vocals, covering both fundamentals and harmonics.

Full Acoustic Control

Brad Haernel originally bought 8 of our ACDA-10 units for his studio in Burbank, Ca. Watch the video of him and the 8 units realizing he had only had them a few weeks at the time of the video. He lived with them for 6 months and decided to find a larger room size. Once he had 8 of the ACDA-10 units in his studio and heard the large impact they had on the low end, he quickly realized that a larger room with more treatment was the way to go.

Brad is mixing in a 7.2 set up so energy management is critical in the low end due to Brad’s work with animations. Animation scores have lots of low-end crashes, explosions, along with a host of other variables. Low-frequency management below 100 Hz. is a must-have. With 7 full-range channels to deal with middle and high-frequency energy must be managed at the same rate and level as the lower frequencies. Middle frequency energy dispersion from 7 channels must include a floor the ceiling treatment system.

Our Pro – Modules are designed in a more compact form that is 24″ x 24″ x 12″ d. We have the ACDA-12 series modules which are larger units at 48″ x 36″ h x 12″ d. They operate from 30 – 50 Hz. These units provide the foundation for the wall we will be building. The ACDA-10 modules are the fabric faced units and operate from 40 Hz. – 6,300 Hz. The QD-13 diffuser units are 24″ x 24″ x 12′ d. These three units make up our Pro-Module series. We have also changed the thickness of the carbon filters inside each of the ACDA-10 and ACDA-12 units. We have increased the thickness by 1″ to add extra absorption horsepower in the 60 and 80 cycle octave bands. See the graphic. This system is stable up to 10′ heights and can easily be secured against earthquakes. Now with our Pro-Modules, you can add absorption and diffusion every 4 square feet within your room. Now, that’s the acoustic control one needs in today’s small rooms.

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Modular System for Professionals

The beauty of the modules is that there is no wall construction required. You can use the modules to create your own room sonic quality. With the ACDA-12 units working from 30 – 50 Hz. and the ACDA-10 modules working from 40 – 6,300 Hz. with our foam behind the fabric along with a diffusion sequence based upon the prime number 13, you have a complete acoustical palette that you can use to tune any small room. The first step in the room analysis is to pressure map the room. We need to know what wall surface area is causing what frequency and amplitude issue. Our database of over 200 built and measured rooms will give us that data. Once we know frequency and amplitude, we can assign the correct amount of square footage to treat the issues. How many square feet of ACDA-12 technology and how many square feet of ACDA-10 technology do we need on each wall surface area to treat the frequency and amplitude of the particular wall issue. With the ability to manage energy every four square feet within the room with the Pro – Modules, we can obtain a frequency response accuracy never before realized in a module unit.

The only way to truly manage all room acoustic issues correctly is to design the room from scratch. You must select the proper ratio of the width, length, and height to match the usage. You must then assign all the low, middle, and high-frequency energy absorption along with the proper diffusion sequences which are based upon distance and usage. This is the best way to ensure and guarantee performance parameters. Unfortunately, most of us can not build a new room from the ground up.

With our Pro-Modules you can have the same treatment specifications as a new build all in a freestanding module where you build your own room within a room by stacking the Pro-Modules and building your own specific wall treatment requirements without a hammer and nail. If you move, the modules go with you. They will become as important as your speakers and amplifier. Since this is a professional series product line, we are offering these modules on a project by project basis. Contact us at with the subject line: Pro-Modules.

acda module graph v4

Performance of our ACDA units

Our ACDA-12 is our top “sponge” for low-frequency energy. It is the strongest per square feet of anything in the marketplace. It grabs 35% at 30 Hz, 63% at 40 Hz. and 100% at 50 Hz. We left the performance of the ACDA-12 alone. What we did do was make it now available in a 24″ x 24″ x 12″ Pro Module. The standard production unit is now 30″ x 60″ x 16″ d and weighs 230 lbs. The new Pro-Modules weighs 75 lbs. Now, you can build your wall and manage this 30 – 50 throughout your room. You can place modules under speakers consoles, and couches.

Our ACDA-10 unit received the improvements. It was designed as a broadband absorber to be averaging 25% per octave from 40 Hz. – 300 Hz. We decided to increase the rate of absorption at 60 Hz. and 80 Hz. octave ranges. We accomplished this by reducing the cabinet size to 24″ x 24″ x 12″ and increasing the carbon filter depth to 4 1/2″. You can see the performance increase in the graph.

The most versatile prime number quadratic diffusion sequence is prime number 13. It works well at distances from 6′-13′. This distance is calculated from the diffuser wall to the listening or monitoring position. Now, we have made this technology available in 24″ x 24″ x 12″ modules that are stackable. You use these diffusion “blocks” to build your wall of diffusion within your studio. You have heard of a room within a room. Here is an easy way to manage the low-frequency energy every 4 square feet within your room along with diffusion for the rear or ceiling surfaces treatment. No sawing wood, gluing, or construction of any kind. Analyze the frequency and amplitude requirements and build your treatment walls with our new the Pro-Modules.

Product Image of an ACDA-12 Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorber

ACDA Series

With the ACDA-12, you’re going to feel the power of every single bass note in a way that few ever get to hear. It’s that connection to the music which makes all the difference to your enjoyment of it. It’s the dynamics and separation of instruments with crystal clear clarity definition, which creates the spine tingling, hairs on the back of the neck sensation that you desire so much from your mixing efforts and music collection.

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