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There’s no one size fits all when it comes to room acoustics. Your room is unique to you. If you see acoustic treatment analysis calculators on other sites, that’s all about marketing but no function. You need a live engineer to look at your room because there are too many variables in play to have a one size fits all solution. And any company that provides a one size fits all solution are just selling a bunch of band-aids that aren’t going to solve your problem.


Because we need to look at your particular speaker size and how they compare to your room size. We need to look at your low frequency generating speakers and how they fit into your particular room size.We need to look at all surfaces inside your room and consider their type of construction and the external construction material that faces into the room. Simply stated, there is simply no one size fits all. Instead there are different acoustical technologies that need to address each of the issues you face and in the video our Chief Acoustics Engineer, Dennis Foley, explains why you should fill out the form and what kind of analysis you will receive upon completion.

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