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At Acoustic Fields we believe that everybody should have access to information about acoustics and how to treat rooms properly. That’s why we’ve published over 400 (and counting) free educational videos about room acoustics on our YouTube channel in the past.

With Acoustic Fields Academy (AFA) we want to go even a step further. For members we will offer exclusive video series (Back to Basics, Hunting Room Modes), an eBook series about room acoustics as well as the possibility to contact chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley himself for a free 30 min room acoustic consultation. And the best part is: All of the above will be 100% free.

In our free eBook series we will explain and go over several principles of room acoustics and how to practically implement them in your room setting. With many illustrations and graphics, you will be able to understand the underlying principles of room acoustics which will help you to get a properly treated room.

In our video series “Back To Basics”, Dennis Foley goes over the basic (yet still widely misunderstood) acoustic rules we have to face in our daily room situations.

So go ahead and secure your access to Acoustic Fields Academy (AFA) today.

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