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Acoustic Design Project

Iké Amadi – Voice Actor

Welcome to our feature on Iké Amadi, a Nigerian voice actor renowned for his contributions to the video game and animation industry. This project page discusses the technical aspects of vocal recording, highlighting the challenges in achieving a balanced and clear voice frequency. Here, we explore innovative acoustic solutions, including the integration of CPA units and Foam Ladders.

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Optimizing Vocal Recording

Achieving a frequency balance with male voices is no easy challenge. We can begin our quest by focusing on the 80 – 125 hz. region first. The lower octave ranges of male voice present two treatment issues. We must first have a technology that gets into that frequency range in order to treat the room effectively. And we must be able to absorb enough to have the proper response impact. We must treat this frequency range on all surfaces. We must remember that at 100 hz., the wave length is 11′ long. Room dimensions smaller than 11′ will need to have effective treatment from 80 – 125 hz. Treatment that has the lower octave horsepower to deal with the lower frequency wave energies. Open celled foams start working best at 125 hz and going upward. Absorption coefficient linearity is a must.

Our CPA units are designed to function perfectly within this range requirement and to get enough. Open celled foams that are used for middle and higher frequency absorption tasks start working effectively around 125 hz. for a 2″ thick piece. You can stack additional layers together to lower the resonant frequency. However, with foam, you cannot absorb enough at the lower octave bands below 125 hz. We can use foam for everything above 125 hz. You can see our proprietary foam technology performance below. The top red line curve took 8 years and 2 M to create. It is the smoothest curve ever produced for an open celled foam technology. Notice the smooth gradual approach it uses. This smooth curve is a requirement in all absorption technologies that are used within a vocal room.

ike amadi voice actor 4

Revolutionizing Vocal Clarity with CPA and Foam Ladder

To achieve a more balanced approach to vocals, we will use a combination of our CPA unit along with our foam ladder. The CPA unit goes down to 65 hz and moves smoothly up through the 125 hz. range. When energy crosses over the 125 hz. range, the foam technology in the form of our Foam Ladder takes over. One could say the CPA in this system manages the lower vocal frequency range and then the foam addresses the middle and higher frequencies. Two seperate technologies working to form one smooth and linear response curve. Linearity is a must since our brains can detect subtle changes such as peaks and dips in response. Two technologies bred from the same foam technology.

Energy below 100 hz. is wave energy. Wave energy requires a completely different treatment type than ray or middle and high frequency energy. Our new system using our CPA for the lower octave bands of voice along with our foam technology, provides the start and finish frequencies for voice along with enough horsepower with our CPA units to give any vocal room the uniformity in response that vocals demand. Since most vocal rooms are smaller in dimensions, we must use a balance of the CPA units along with our Foam Ladders. Fill out the information in this link. We can assist you with the proper combinations of our CPA and Foam Ladders for your specific room.

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acoustic fields foam review

Acoustic Foam StudioPro

The Acoustic Foam – StudioPro by Acoustic Fields is a state-of-the-art solution for enhancing sound quality in various acoustic settings. It is uniquely designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies, particularly effective below 500 Hz, making it ideal for vocal and music clarity. The foam features a smooth absorption curve and is particularly adept at managing side wall reflections, ensuring a pure and direct sound experience. Made in the USA, this foam is a favorite among professionals for its ability to let vocals and instruments stand out, without draining the room’s energy. It’s suitable for a variety of settings, including recording studios and listening rooms.

Featured Products

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CPA – Ceiling Perforated Absorber

The CPA, is designed to address sound issues in small rooms with ceiling heights of 8′ to 10′. It combats modal pressure imbalances, effectively absorbing frequencies down to 65 Hz. The unit, measuring 48″ x 6 1/2″ x 76″ and weighing 75 lbs, comprises 6″ thick proprietary foam within a perforated structure. The design features a front plate with 1/4″ diameter holes, 1″ apart. It’s suitable for suspending over a DAW, with most small rooms requiring two units.

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image of a Acoustic Foam Ladder panel

Foam Ladder

The Foam Ladder, is an acoustic treatment product designed for managing reflections in larger rooms. It features a wood frame surrounding 2″ thick proprietary StudioPro foam sheets, with dimensions of 57″ x 3″ x 77″. This product ensures air movement across both sides, reducing the number of units needed in a room to control reflection energy. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, offering flexibility in room design, and comes with the necessary hardware for mounting.

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Ikechukwu Prince Amadi, an acclaimed Nigerian voice actor, has made significant contributions to video games and animated films. His notable roles include the voice of Javik in “Mass Effect 3,” Spartan Jameson Locke in “Halo 5: Guardians,” Shao Kahn in “Mortal Kombat 11,” and Atrocitus in “Injustice 2.” His versatility in voice acting is evident through his ability to bring a wide range of characters to life, making him a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Iké Amadi

Voice Actor

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