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Experience the transformative power of acoustic treatment with Nigel Pitcairn's journey. After two decades of searching for perfect sound, Nigel found unparalleled clarity and depth with Dennis's diaphragmatic absorbers and carbon panels. Discover how the right acoustic solutions can revolutionize your listening experience, revealing hidden nuances and creating an immersive soundstage.

Nigel’s Quest for Perfect Sound

For over 20 years, Nigel Pitcairn has indulged in the joy of listening to music with eyes closed, constantly searching for the perfect sound. Despite numerous equipment upgrades and room changes, there was always something missing. A minor improvement was achieved with basic acoustic treatment, but the quest for sonic perfection continued until Nigel discovered Dennis’s diaphragmatic absorbers through intriguing videos. When Nigel moved into a new home, he was determined to integrate Dennis’s technology into his dedicated stereo space. The arrival of the first carbon panels marked a transformative moment. Nigel described the experience as one of the most startling differences in his Hi-Fi journey.

For the first time, he could distinguish each instrument’s contribution to the low-end frequencies, revealing nuances he had never heard before. The addition of diffusion elements further expanded the soundstage, transforming the listening environment into a vast, immersive space. The sound no longer felt confined; it extended beyond the speakers, creating a sense of openness. This enhancement allowed Nigel to experience recordings in their intended environments, whether a small studio or a grand orchestral hall. With more carbon panels, the bass nuances and layering reached new depths. Electronic music, in particular, revealed intricate details and movements within the bass frequencies.

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Transformative Acoustic Treatment

The soundstage became enveloping, with music surrounding Nigel from all directions, enhancing the sense of being at a live performance. One of the most striking improvements was the aliveness and density of the music. Instruments felt tangible, as if they existed physically within the room. Nigel described the experience as almost surreal, akin to a 3D holographic illusion, where every detail was perceptible from multiple perspectives. This profound transformation was not just auditory but emotional. The clarity and detail brought out the musicians’ emotions, making joyful songs fun and uplifting, while melancholic pieces could move him to tears. The fatigue he once felt with prolonged listening sessions disappeared.

Nigel emphasized that the investment in acoustic treatment was the best money he had ever spent on his stereo system. It eliminated the need for constant equipment upgrades, providing a contentment and satisfaction that had eluded him for decades. The room itself became a sanctuary, a place where all stress melted away, allowing him to lose himself in the music. Nigel’s testimonial highlights the transformative power of proper acoustic treatment, illustrating how it can unveil hidden layers in music and create a deeply immersive and emotionally rich listening experience. For those passionate about music, the journey to perfect sound begins with understanding and investing in the right acoustic solutions.

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Module Products

ACDA-10 M Modular Bass Absorber


The ACDA -10 modules are our highest performing product. They follow the absorption coefficients of the ACDA-10 with a stronger emphasis on the 60 – 80 Hz. range. The full range absorption for each module is 30 Hz. – 6,500 Hz.

This increased performance comes in a module that is 24″ x 24″ x 12″ and weighs 70 lbs. Modules are stackable and the number and surface area coverage can be fined tuned in your room size/volume/usage.

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QD 13 M single 2

P-13 M

The P-13 M modules are based upon prime number 13 and are 24″ x 24″ x 12″. They weigh 35 lbs each. They stack easily upon the ACDA-10 modules. They can be positioned either horizontally or vertically or both creating a two dimensional diffused sound field if desired. The P-13 M units are built from cherry wood which is the finest wood choice for middle and high-frequency tone and timbre quality.

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ACDA 12 M single transparent 1


Each ACDA-12 module unit is a sealed cabinet. They are 48″ w x 30″ h x 12″ d and are the bottom row that supports the ACDA-10 units. They can be painted or custom veneered per your request. Each unit weighs 150 lbs. and provides a solid and sturdy base for the stacking of the ACDA-10 modules or the QD-13 modules. Up to 3 rows of ACDA – 10 units can be stacked upon the ACDA-12 modules. They are positioned along the floor of all 4 walls in any critical listening environment.

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