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When it comes to room acoustics, what you don’t hear is as important as what you do hear.

acoustics engineer dennis foley

With over 40 years of experience in the field, Dennis Foley and Acoustic Fields are the best partners to create custom solutions to fix the acoustic challenges you’re facing in your environment.

My technology has been used in Electric Lady Land Studios, Sony Music of New York, Cello Music and Films founded by Mark Levinson, and Saltmines Studios in Mesa, Arizona, along with hundreds of others.

Dennis Foley, Acoustic Engineer
Owner, Acoustic Fields

How Acoustic Fields can help you with a great recording studio design

Measurement & Analysis
Room design & planning
Finding local contractors
Assistance throughout the building process
Tuning your room to perfection
And much more!

Low frequency energy is a problem in all small studios and that’s why intelligent recording studio design is essential.

Selecting the correct room size and more importantly, the low frequency room treatment, is paramount to achieving good balanced sound. As the bass goes, so does the room sound quality.

Room size is critical. There are certain ratios of width, height, and length that keep room modal pressures equally distributed and minimized. Finding those sizes and matching the dimensions and volume of the room with musical usage is highly important. In those videos, I walk through the design principles that we adhere to when acoustically designing a recording studio. Achieving quality sound is all about doing the right things and in the correct order.

See how our Studio Design service works

Room Treatment Is Critical

Room distortions must be managed and low frequency or “bass” must be addressed. There are only three low-frequency sound-absorbing technologies: Helmholtz, diaphragmatic, and membrane. You need to choose the correct one or face a world of pain down the line. You need to have the correct type, amount, and position the technology correctly. No foam or building insulation should even enter the conversation when it comes to low-frequency management. This task requires special technology.

That’s why our recording studio design service focuses on the power of diaphragmatic absorption when dealing with low frequency management.

This video video charts Danny’s experience with our technology and the incredible response it has received from A list engineers and producers including Luca Pretolesi (credits Tiesto, Skrillex, Bruno Mars, Savoy, Steve Aoki, Diplo) head engineer and director of Studio DMI, Chris Gehringer (credits Jay Z, Madonna, Rihanna, Nelly, Nas, Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado) senior mastering engineer at Sterling Sound, NYC, “Oh my gosh, this room is amazing! You can literally hear everything!” and Mitch “Catalyst” Cohn, the musical director for Chris Brown’s world tour and Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour, “This room sounds insane! I haven’t heard a room sound as good as this in a long time!”

Brad Haehnel, Grammy award winning audio engineer from Los Angeles, CA

Why You Need Diaphragmatic Absorption In Your Studio

Diaphragmatic absorption is a time tested and proven method of low frequency absorption/management employed by studio designers for over 45 years. It is consistent and predictable in its ability to achieve lower levels of absorption which are perform better at the low end than the other two technologies: Helmholtz and membrane.

Testimonial from Joe Salvatto, Recording Studio Designer and owner of Salvatto Sound, New York City. Clients include 50 Cent, Billy Joel and many more.

Over a period of 8 years R&D, we took the standard diaphragmatic absorption process and effectively hot rodded the thing. We changed the cabinet density, added an additional wall to our designs and then chanced upon an ingredient that gave us the horse power we were looking for.

We discovered that by adding activated carbon in the correct amounts we were able to create a new diaphragm for the technology. This new design allows you to go lower and absorb more than anything ever commercially available in the marketplace. It will do all of this in very small amounts
of space.

Why Is This Important?

Space in your studio builds is expensive and each square foot used for low frequency management must be maximized in its ability to absorb a lot of energy in a small amount of space. Real estate is expensive. You must get the most absorption at the correct frequencies using the correct rate. This must be your goal so you do not end up having to use the huge amount of space existing technologies require in order to properly manage low frequency pressure issues.

What Will You Experience?

A studio design service that manages the low frequency so that your low frequency is as defined and separated as your mids and highs.

A design service that ensures you will be able to mix in comfort without ever second guessing what you’re hearing in your studio. No longer do you need to go and listen to your mixes in other rooms. What you’ll hear is what you get.

A design service that caters to your own individual needs through the use of our proprietary technologies so you end up with a studio that has its own unique signature.

With the carbon technology inserted between the stud spaces in a framed wall, you can dictate the frequency of absorption and have that in any room location that is desired. By varying the stud space depth, areas of high absorption rates can be utilized to manage any room boundary pressure zones.

If you use the existing space where you would normally use some limp mass fill, now you can use our carbon technology instead and get lower frequency absorption with higher rates as these Riverbank Acoustical Lab reports confirm:

We can integrate our activated carbon
filters directly into your studio walls.

Don’t Work Around Low Frequency Issues Ever Again

No amount of building insulation or foam will ever help you with low frequency absorption/management. No limp mass approach will give you the amount of absorption required in today’s small room studio builds. These materials do not have the horsepower to deal with long wavelengths that are forced to fit into today’s small studio spaces.

Diaphragmatic absorption with activated carbon technology is the only way currently in the marketplace, where you can achieve high rates and levels of absorption in a small amount of space. A small amount of space, typically 8 to 12 inches, is all we ever have to work with.

Bill Malina, Emmy nominated engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field. Clients include: Anastacia, The Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, Santana and Pitbull.

Time For Your Studio To Shine

Once your low frequency issues are taken care of, everything else falls into place, with the mids and highs relatively easy to manage. If we are designing a solution in your existing studio we will first start with an analysis of your room size by comparing it to our database of 116 built rooms. From that comparison we will determine what frequencies are causing the high and low pressure areas within your room. We will look at the position of all your gear within your room and make sure that your monitoring position is in the optimal position for a smooth room frequency response. Thirdly we will take your existing gear positions and make sure that reflections from your room are reaching the monitoring position at the correct times.

We will then design a solution to address any low frequency issues that you realize and that our database tells us exists within your room dimensions. Once those are managed correctly, we will move onto reflection control and then make suggestions as to your gear positions in the room to ensure that the gear and the room are working together. Finally, we will look at adding diffusion to your studio because poor diffusion in monitoring rooms exists in most recording studios and that just shouldn’t be the case. With proper diffusion built into your studio you never again have to second guess your mix.

If we are designing a new build studio from the ground up we can choose the correct room size to minimize all the issues that exist within most studios. We can build our carbon technology directly into your walls to avoid taking up valuable studio space in the management of your low end. In addition we can employ the latest barrier and isolation technologies to ensure that no noise gets into your studio and that the music generated in your studio does not reach
other people.

So all you need do is call me so we can begin discussing your individual requirements and needs. Call me on 520-392-9486 today, email info@acousticfields.com or book a time in my call schedule by clicking here and lets get going on your own unique studio sound. Alternatively if you complete the form on this page I can run a free analysis on your room and advise you on the different options that are available according to your budget.

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With over 35 years of experience in the field, Acoustic Fields is the best partner to create custom solutions to fix the acoustic challenges you’re facing in your environment.

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