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When you’re in need of acoustical design services, there’s no better choice than Acoustic Fields. Our 25 years of experience, innovative proprietary technology, and an impressive portfolio are just a few reasons to choose us for all your acoustical needs.

When you choose acoustic treatments from Acoustic Fields, you’re in good company. This technology has been by some of the best in the business including:

  • Capitol Records
  • Sony Masterworks
  • Side 3 Studios
  • Westlake Pro
  • Electric Lady Studios
  • And many more!
chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley

Dennis Foley

Chief Acoustics Engineer

Dennis Foley:
The Ultimate Acoustical Design Asset

The chief acoustic engineer at Acoustic Fields is Dennis Foley. Dennis is the mastermind you want behind all your acoustic needs. He’s invented the most effective open-celled acoustic foam and the world’s most powerful low frequency bass absorbers. With over 35 years of experience in acoustic engineering, he’s seen the full spectrum of acoustic challenges that people face.

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acda module graph v4

The Flagship Series: ACDA-10 & ACDA-12

Acoustic Fields spent over 25 years developing and modifying existing low frequency absorption technologies, elevating diaphragmatic absorption to the next level. The ACDA flagship series leverages the unique absorption qualities of activated carbon, which is layered within the unit, making it the most powerful low frequency absorber in the world today.

The ACDA-10 will absorb low frequencies from 30 Hz. to 200 Hz. The ACDA-12 will absorb low frequencies from 30 Hz. to 100 Hz.

We provide standalone units as well as modular versions, which offer an even higher absorption rate while providing the flexibility to stack them and create unique patterns which make them the optimal solution for many different applications.

You can download the independent ACDA-10 and ACDA-12 absorption test results below.

Independently Tested & Verified

Our low frequency absorption rates have been independently tested and verified by the world famous Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories.

Customized Intelligent Design

When you work with Acoustic Fields, you’re getting a solution that’s been customized to your unique needs. We’ll never promise a one-size-fits-all solution because we understand that in this industry that simply doesn’t exist. Each of our clients has unique obstacles and unique goals for their spaces. Our acoustical design services take the size and volume of your room as well as the intended usage into consideration for the best results.

Acoustic Fields can determine your acoustical needs with a room analysis. This an easy process where you simply fill out our online form and attach photographs of your space. We examine it and run it through our database. Then we make suggestions and provide you with an estimate for your unique acoustic needs.

This service is not only incredibly valuable but also completely free! You have nothing to lose by doing it—just so much value to gain! We are so confident you’ll love our custom acoustical design that if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, we’ll give you your money back!

acoustic fields foam review

StudioPro Foam Technology

When you want music and voice to sound their best, you can’t rely on ordinary insulation that’s intended for temperature regulation. Cheap acoustic foam won’t work either. Both these options may be cheap but they’re ineffective at capturing the full human vocal range. When you have a recording studio, a church sanctuary, or some other place that relies on sound quality, you need to invest in sound quality.

To maximize musicality from the voice and music, you need special absorption curves that have a smooth, linear response. No technology on the market does this better than the StudioPro Acoustic Foam from Acoustic Fields. Our absorption curve absorbs vocals and sounds gradually for the smoothest results.

Cutting-Edge Acoustic Treatments
That Produce Superior Results

The experience of our team is one of the major things that sets us apart from our competitors. One of the other things is definitely the technologies we use. When you start with the best acoustic technology, you’re well on your way to producing the highest quality sound. Our primary focus is on cutting-edge absorption and diffusion products for listening rooms, home theaters, and recording studios.

Just a few of our most important technologies include StudioPro Foam, Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorbers, and Quadratic Diffusion. All our products are independently tested and verified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, the most trusted name in acoustical testing. No matter which of our technologies you use, you can count on them to be reliable and produce the best sound quality of anyone in the business. Our experience gives us a superior understanding of what different rooms need.

image of a qda sound diffuser absorber

QDA-17 Quadratic Diffuser Absorber

acda 10 mdf 500x500 v2

ACDA-10 Module

Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic
Absorbers for Low Frequency

Our Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorbers for Low Frequency are powerful and predictable! Unlike other products on the market, they contain real charcoal. This is ideal for professional recording studios.

Other absorbers use standard building insulation or mineral wool. But not Acoustic Fields. We know that only active carbon can provide superior absorption. No other company in the marketplace gets the rates or levels we do, even in studios with limited square footage!

This cutting-edge technology is versatile. It can be built into your walls or be placed in a room as free-standing units. No matter which option you choose, we guarantee these are the most powerful bass absorbers on the market!

Quadratic Diffusion Technologies

Proper diffusion can’t be overemphasized when you care about sound quality. The quadratic diffusion technologies from Acoustic Fields maximize sound produced in smaller rooms. The room will sound much bigger thanks to these furniture-grade units.

Although Acoustic Fields didn’t create quadratic diffusion, we believe that our 25-plus years of experience building and using quadratic diffusion give us a leg up on the competition. We can tell you exactly what frequency response you need in diffusion and where units should be placed in your room for supreme sound quality.

mockup of 3 sound diffusers

QD-11, QD-13, QD-17

'I was actually able to hear definition and clarity that I was looking for in the room. The advantage is amazing.
For what it does and what else is out there, its value is well worth the investment.

Bill MalinaGrammy & Emmy nominated engineer

'I hired Dennis and he came by with his special carbon treated diffusers. I immediately heard a big difference. The life of the room started to come back. It really cleans up the sound stage. Basically it takes the room out of the equation.'

Robert VosgienMastering Engineer, Capitol Records

'If I had this technology before, my job would have been so much easier.
Mixes that took 5 hours could have taken me 2 hours. This is the best thing you can do for your business.'

Sam BoumoujahedOwner of Studio2020, Chicago

'I just couldn't believe how it performed. It makes your room accurate and that just saves money and time.
Until you actually hear it you don’t realize it. I highly highly recommend it!'

Adelio LombardiOwner of Side 3 Studios

'The carbon absorbers, absorb bass like I have never heard before.
We now have definition and attack/decay like we never imagined possible.'

Don SalterOwner of Salt Mine Studios

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