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All small rooms have two main issues that produce distortions in our music and voice. We have low frequency pressure that will not fit into our room dimensions. This unwanted pressure can exaggerate and smother certain octave ranges. You will hear certain sounds and not others. We have reflections from the walls, floor, and ceiling that all add up to produce reverberation times. High reverberation times produce middle and high frequency distortions and impact speech intelligibility.

We have three room resolution treatment options. We have a 50 – 60% option which is a good start for a hobbyist and some semi-pro work. The middle option is at 70 – 80% which works well for mixing and live recording. The 90% option is for mastering engineers. The following treatment options and costs are based upon a 20′ x 10′ x 20′ room size. Your size will vary as will the treatment requirements along with the associated costs. Use this as a guide for your room size and usage.

Room Resolution

50% - 60%

$10,000.00 - $20,000.00

70% - 80%

Mixing & Listening
$20,000.00 - $30,000.00


Mastering & Reference Listening
$40,000.00 - $50,000.00
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50% – 60% Hobbyist & Beginners

Our starter package for hobbyists and beginning engineers includes the proper rate and level of low frequency absorption along with middle and high frequency reflection management, we have our 50% – 60% resolution room. With this treatment package, you will treat the low frequency pressures on both the front and side walls using the ACDA-10/12 modules. Sitting on top of the low frequency ACDA units are our custom Foam Ladder technology. In the ladder, we use 3 of our 2″ foam pieces inside each unit. This thickness allows us the same linear performance as 2″ with a lower level of absorption down to 90 hz. A single layer of foam goes down to 125 hz. Units are placed horizontally on the 24″ ACDA modules. Foam Ladders are 56″ w x 6″ h x 76″ l. All units are modules and can be moved from room to room. A rear wall module system is available for diffusion and absorption.

Products included in this package
Products included in this package

70% – 80% Mixing & Listening

Our middle resolution room is for semi-pro and professional mix engineers. For two channel listeners, it is designed for those with listening experience of at least ten years with a two channel rig. Front, rear, and sidewall low frequency management is obtained using our floor standing ACDA -10 / 12 production units. Behind the fabric on our ACDA units is our proprietary foam technology. This full range treatment package includes our carbon technology for low frequency management along with our proprietary foam technology. These are full range units operating from 30 – 50 hz. for the ACDA-12 units and 30 – 300 hz. for the ACDA-10 unit. The foam face extends absorption performance up to 6,300 hz. which is by design. This frequency range from 40 – 6,300 hz. is the frequency range most mix engineers work within when making music. This frequency management system occurs on all four wall surfaces. The floor to ceiling pressure and reflection issues are managed with our CPA unit. This resolution level involves treatment on all four walls along with the ceiling to floor issues. A rear wall, one or two dimensional diffusion system is also available.

90%+ Mastering & Reference Listening

This level of room resolution is for mastering level engineers along with listeners with over 20 years of listening experience. With this room resolution, you will only have 10 % distortion to work around as an engineer. Most listeners will not hear any of the 10 % remaining. Low frequency management on all four wall surfaces using our ACDA-10/12 full production units. To provide additional lower frequency resolution, we add our ACDA modules that sit on top of the full size ACDA -10/12 units. This additional surface area coverage at the room boundary surfaces increases lower frequency resolution. Behind the fabric on the ACDA units is our proprietary foam technology to maddle middle and high frequency reflections. The floor to ceiling pressure issues are managed with our DAW Platform. This module system goes directly under the DAW and manages lower frequency issues. Reflections from the ceiling are managed using our Foam Ladder technology. Rear wall diffusion minimizes the impact of rear wall reflections at this resolution level. One dimensional diffusion along with two dimensional modules are available.

Products included in this package

'I was actually able to hear definition and clarity that I was looking for in the room. The advantage is amazing.
For what it does and what else is out there, its value is well worth the investment.

Bill MalinaGrammy & Emmy nominated engineer

'I hired Dennis and he came by with his special carbon treated diffusers. I immediately heard a big difference. The life of the room started to come back. It really cleans up the sound stage. Basically it takes the room out of the equation.'

Robert VosgienMastering Engineer, Capitol Records

'If I had this technology before, my job would have been so much easier.
Mixes that took 5 hours could have taken me 2 hours. This is the best thing you can do for your business.'

Sam BoumoujahedOwner of Studio2020, Chicago

'I just couldn't believe how it performed. It makes your room accurate and that just saves money and time.
Until you actually hear it you don’t realize it. I highly highly recommend it!'

Adelio LombardiOwner of Side 3 Studios

'The carbon absorbers, absorb bass like I have never heard before.
We now have definition and attack/decay like we never imagined possible.'

Don SalterOwner of Salt Mine Studios