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Piano Cubes

Welcome to the Piano Cubes project, where innovative design meets precision in sound management. Our unique system harnesses advanced acoustic technology to enhance the clarity and quality of music from your piano, effectively controlling sound energy and creating an optimal listening environment. Discover how our Piano Cubes can transform your musical experience by seamlessly integrating into any space.

Enhancing Piano Acoustics with Innovative Piano Cubes

The Piano Cubes project introduces a novel sound management system using a piano’s large speaker-like string bed, which emits sound energy upwards to the ceiling and downwards towards the floor. Operating across a full spectrum of frequencies—from 27.5 Hz at the lowest white key to 4,186 Hz at the highest—it is essential to control this dispersion to prevent modal pressure issues in the vicinity of the instrument. The bed, elevated 35 inches off the floor and positioned five feet below an eight-foot ceiling, necessitates precise management of the sound energy.

In dealing with the acoustic dynamics within a room, it’s critical to address the interaction between walls, and between the floor and ceiling—often the shortest distance in a room setting, leading to prominent low-frequency sound issues. Our approach focuses on harnessing our carbon technology within the Piano Cubes to absorb sound, specifically targeting frequencies below 125 Hz. This strategic placement within the three primary sound fields—sidewall to sidewall, front to rear wall, and floor to ceiling—enables effective control of acoustic energy.

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Precision Acoustic Control: Piano Cubes for Optimal Sound Management

The core of our solution lies in the Piano Cubes, which are compact diaphragmatic absorbers strategically placed under the piano. These cubes begin absorbing frequencies as low as 30 Hz and extend up to 300 Hz, with sizes varying to match specific frequency needs: the largest, at 12 inches high, handles 30 to 50 Hz, followed by 10-inch and 8-inch cubes designed for broader frequency ranges. By aligning each cube directly beneath the piano strings responsible for the corresponding frequencies, we ensure optimal energy absorption and minimal sound spillage, providing a cleaner and more controlled acoustic environment.

A grand piano typically accommodates 16 cubes, arranged in descending height from left to right under the instrument, resembling a cascade or steps. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also places each cube precisely where it can most effectively absorb the frequencies emitted by the piano strings above. The cubes are heavy and stable, ranging from 21 to 40 pounds, and are finished in black with a non-skid base, ensuring both functionality and style in the arrangement. This design not only addresses acoustic clarity but also integrates seamlessly into any music room or concert hall setting.

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