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Dedicated Listening
Room Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a room and listen to your music in the most optimum way possible? A room where every room distortion was addressed before you sat down and pressed the play button. A room where you were instantly connected to your music on the only level that really matters: the emotional level.

Up until now maybe you’ve thought that was just a pipe dream because no matter what you’ve spent on your equipment and acoustic treatment you’ve never quite managed to achieve the dream.

But what if there was a guaranteed way to bring you the ultimate listening experience that could even be tuned to your personal hearing as tested by a professional Audiologist? What if you could sit in your dedicated room, watch as the ceiling opens and a new room is dropped into your existing room and all this was taken care of for you? All you would have to do is go into your new room, shut off the lights and press the play button. With the new Dedicated Listening Room Service from Acoustic Fields that dream is now a reality.

We can design a room to match your personal requirements. It is a design that is pre tuned to your hearing and takes care of all the acoustical issues you have previously faced. It is a room that takes away all room sound so you can experience the ultimate emotional connection with your music. A room where your soundstage is packed full of life with instruments and vocals each having their own space clearly defined and present directly in front of you. You can literally “see” the separation and distance between each instrument and vocal and experience the feeling of being placed upon the stage itself with the artist.

The Dedicated Listening Room Service provides you with 4 walls and a ceiling filled with all the necessary acoustical treatments to deal with all acoustic issues. Low frequency or bass attack and decay is addressed through a calculated combination of frequency specific and broadband absorption, not just in the four walls but in the ceiling too. Reflections that cause comb filtering and speaker boundary issues have all been managed correctly so that they do not interfere with your sound stage. The correct speaker/listening position has been calculated for you and there is no need to try and figure out where you need to place your speakers or how far or how close you should sit from them. There is no need to figure out what room treatment goes where as it is all done for you and adjusted to deal with the size room you have chosen for your Dedicated Listening Room.

The Dedicated Listening Room Service ensures that you no longer have to concern yourself with room modes and the masking of the music you are trying so hard to hear. You no longer have to worry about reflections from side walls causing image shifting in your soundstage. Instead you can enjoy just the correct rate and level of absorption and diffusion to ensure your sound stage, and all the images upon it, are distributed correctly in time and space. You no longer have to concern yourself with the correct room dimensions because the room size and all the acoustical treatment is pre-calculated for you.

You do not need to concern yourself with comb filtering, which are the reflections from parallel surfaces causing phantom images, because all comb filtering issues will be taken care of for you. Nor do you need to concern yourself with speaker and listening position calculation because all of those issues would be addressed for you in your new Personal Listening Environment.

Why do we provide the Dedicated Listening Room Service?

Over a period of 8 years, and with a $2 million budget at my disposal, my crew and I designed, built and tore down 116 rooms until we had all the magic ingredients that go into our dedicated room service. We went through all that learning, and the mistakes and pain that go along with that, so you don’t have to. You don’t have to buy every bass trap on the market, run tests and research each one only to learn that bass traps really don’t trap much of anything, least of all bass.

You don’t need to test every foam or sound absorbing product on the market to only find out it doesn’t perform to the performance level you desire. You will not have to calculate how much of the material to use and then, when once applied, learn that it doesn’t work the way the manufacturer said it would. It was experiences like these that drove me to design and build my own technology because I was unhappy with the state of the technology on the market.

In addition you will not have to decide which wall gets what type of acoustical treatment. You will not have to figure out where to place diffusers and what type to use. There will be no need to calculate if you need all diffusion or all absorption or some combination of the two on any room surface because all of that calculation has been done ahead of time and for you. The room surfaces have all been pre-calculated for you no matter what your particular music listening, recording, or room usage is.

You don’t need to ask yourself questions like should I place diffusion on the rear wall? Do I place absorption? Do I use a combination of both? What about the front wall? Should I place absorption or diffusion materials on it and where should they be positioned to achieve the best possible sound for my music? What will I do for lighting? Can I have lighting installed out of the way so I do not need freestanding lights everywhere. Will the placement of lighting effect my sound stage in any manner?


Your listening room is your sanctuary where you can open the door walk in close the door behind you and then let everything else go away. You can forget about work, personal issues that nag your soul, the tension that can sometimes come from living with other human beings. In your personal listening environment you will not have any choice but to let go and surrender to your music. When you press the play button and the music begins to wash over you, you will feel an instant contact with the artist. You will feel their pain when they sing about sadness.

You will feel their joy when they sing about happiness. You will feel the drummer’s choice of how hard to strike the tom to impact the emotional content of the song. You will feel the guitar player’s connection to his instrument and that connection established by years of dedication and practice will come through in your room. It may only be one note, but that one note you will carry with you through the rest of your day and hopefully into the next. There is no struggle to obtain that emotional connection to music you so crave, for the room acoustics have all been calculated to ensure you experience the emotional connection you so desire.

Enough with living with compromise

If there’s one thing in life you should not compromise it’s music. And yet you’re doing it every day if you’re listening to expensive speakers and amps in a badly treated room. That’s what I faced a long time ago and I was not prepared to live with it a moment longer and neither should you.

For there is so much more in your music that you simply cannot hear because your room gets in the way. It’s time to remove that element of compromise once and for all. For if your car only performed on half its cylinders every day despite you paying top dollar for it, would you be happy? If your investments yielded a 100% ROI but you only received 50% of your earnings would you be satisfied? No you would not. And yet that is the level of compromise, if not more, that you live with everyday in a badly treated room.

So enough with such compromise. It’s time to experience what it is truly like to hear your music collection in the most optimum setting possible. For that is what our Dedicated Listening Room Service delivers, an experience every single time.

What Will You Experience?

  • You get a room which maximizes all sound presentation within the room itself and creates isolation from external noise by using your existing room walls.
  • You get a new ceiling and four walls that are acoustically designed to control and manage the four main room acoustical distortions: room modes, comb filtering, speaker boundary interference, and poor diffusion so you can have and hear all of the music in your sources and do not have to deal with any acoustical treatment.
  • You get low frequency absorption built into the ceiling and walls to minimize room modes and bass boom for a clearer and more emotional evolving musical presentation.
  • You get the proper balance and distribution of acoustic diffusion to add air and separation to all your instruments and vocals for a more lifelike and involving presentation.
  • You get to choose the finish and fabric color and texture all all surfaces of your ceiling and walls to compliment any other room decor items.
  • You get your choice of lighting systems in the ceiling which can be designed in modules that can be controlled with your electronic interface, so you can light any area for the proper amount of ambiance or work that you are doing in the room.
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Price On Application

As the exclusive designer and manufacturer of this service and technology you cannot buy it in anywhere else in the World.

This solution is personalized to your hearing and is for serious music lovers only. An audiologist will test your hearing and from those test results we will design the tuning of your Dedicated Listening Room so it is optimized and uniquely tuned for your personal needs.

If you’re sincere about wanting sonic perfection, then this is most definitely for you. Call me on 520–392–9486 for a personalized consultation.

Don’t live with a compromised listening room and room sound for a minute longer. Take action now, believe me, you’ll thank me for this, for years to come.

Dennis Foley

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