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Carbon Cube Magic

Our 12-inch Carbon Cubes, equipped with advanced carbon technology, target low-frequency pressure waves and are ideal for space-constrained environments. With two models - the 10 for 30-300 Hz and the 12 for 30-50 Hz absorption - they offer a high rate of absorption in a small footprint. Perfect for placement under desks or near speakers, these cubes are designed to tackle the most intense pressure areas, ensuring a clearer and more balanced sound experience in your studio or listening room.

Understanding Acoustic Challenges in Critical Listening Rooms

In our critical listening rooms we have two main issues. We have lower frequency pressure waves along with middle and high frequency reflections.Low frequency management in our rooms requires that we use the acronym TAP, (type,amount, position). Both pressure and reflection issues exist throughout the entire room. However, they are the greatest close to the energy producing sources within our rooms. If we divide our rooms into two parts, we can call the front of the room and the rear of the room. The front part of the room will be the area of greatest pressure when it comes to low frequency management. This is the area we need to focus our lower frequency management technology in. However, in some cases using large low frequency absorbers is not a possibility due to space and budget requirements. Our Carbon Cubes will provide an answer.

Our Carbon Cubes are 12″ w x 12″ h x 12″ d. They weigh 40 lbs each and are packed full of our carbon technology just like our ACDA series. We have two types of cubes. We have the 10 and 12. The 10 absorbs strong from 30 – 300 hz. and our 12 absorbs strong from 30 – 50 hz. Both technologies come in the same cube size and weight. Most rooms will require a combination of the 10 and 12 and we can assist you with that calculation. We have found that most small mixing rooms will require somewhere in the 10 – 20 cube range. This surface area will produce a 5 – 7 dB solution for peaks below 300 hz. Units are small and stackable with a non-skid surface on each unit. Placement can be under your desk or behind your speakers. Placement will take some time to get right but you will be able to immediately hear the improvement and be able to use that change in performance to your advantage.

Innovative Solutions: Introducing Carbon Cubes

Ideally, we need to treat at a minimum in most critical listening rooms a 50% surface area coverage to allow for large treatment impacts in room response. Some rooms, budgets and space requirements will not permit this surface area coverage. We then have to work with less treatment. Since we have less surface area coverage, the treatment we use must have as much horsepower as possible. It must have a high rate of absorption since we have less space to treat. Our Cubes provide an increase in absorption per square foot than our ACDA series are more easily positioned under a desk or behind an energy producing source such as a speaker. You can stack the units one on top of the other to produce more coverage. Our Carbon Cubes are not a complete room treatment solution.

They are a targeted approach to the higher pressure areas around our speakers at a mix desk or in a listening room. Most engineers and critical listeners can tell what parts of their rooms are producing the unwanted room modal pressures. With our Carbon Cubes, one can position units in high pressure areas knowing that they are using a powerful low frequency sponge to soak up excess energy. Our Carbon Cubes are not a reflection management tool but work strictly on the pressure in your room. When you are treating any critical listening environment with pressure activated technologies the goal is to reduce the peas that occur in room response below 100 hz. Our Carbon Cubes with their smaller size can fit anywhere pressure thinks it is hiding.

Featured Products

carbon panel front view

Carbon Panel

Our carbon technology is now available for use in small rooms that don’t have the physical space requirements for our ACDA series to absorb lower frequency energy. Our carbon technology that has become so popular with our low-frequency product line is now available in panels that are not as deep as our ACDA units. With the same smooth frequency response starting at 40 – 60 Hz. and going through 6,500 Hz.

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acda cube 2

Carbon Cube

The Cube-12 is a compact diaphragmatic absorber, following our ACDA-12 series. It effectively absorbs frequencies from 30 to 50 Hz and weighs 40 lbs, with dimensions of 12″ each side. These stackable units, which can be customized with casters and different paint colors, are ideal for high-pressure areas near speakers to mitigate low-frequency issues. They are particularly effective when placed around the listening position.

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Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorber image


The ACDA-10 STUDIO, blending carbon and foam technologies, absorbs frequencies from 30 to 6,300 Hz and is tailored for easy studio integration. The more powerful ACDA-12 Studio targets 30 to 50 Hz with high efficiency and features a mobile, moisture-resistant design. Both units measure 30″ W x 60″ H x 16″ D, with the ACDA-12 weighing 240 lbs. They offer fabric or foam face options and are shipped on pallets for convenience.

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