Allow your Vocals and Midrange Instruments to Pop with our Sound Absorbing Sliding Window Panel


Tired of working with dead sounding foam? Want your vocals and music to shine without losing their emotion and energy? Then our unique Sound Absorbing Panels for windows are for you.

You get:

  • More absorption below 250 Hz. than standard sound absorbing foams. The panels absorb 30% at 125 Hz., 63% at 250 Hz. and 100% at 500 Hz.
  • A smoother absorption curve from 125 Hz. – 500 Hz. than any other foam on the market. This range is the heart of your vocal and music frequencies.
  • A technology that manages side wall reflections so you can hear the direct sound from your sources and not the reflected energy of your room.
  • You can choose the size of the panel you need according to your windows size. The 2 panel stack measures 27″W x 3″D x 36″L and weighs 10lbs. The 4 panel stack measures 27″W x 3″D x 72″L and weighs 20lbs. We can also custom make stack sizes to fit your specific window size. Simply call us on 520–392–9486 and we’ll be happy to help.
  • A foam that lets your vocals and middle range instruments pop.
  • A technology that does not drain the life out of your room like so many other foams.
  • A foam that finally lets you hear the intimate timbre of the singers voice in every recording period. Finally you will have a room that is an acoustical pleasure to record in and very much in demand.
These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.
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Sliding Window Panel

Do you have windows in your listening or music play back room? Do you dislike the sound that comes from the reflections that strike the window surface? It’s that glaring, harsh, and brittle sound that pierces your ears and makes the fillings in your teeth vibrate. It is that same glass fishbowl sound quality you get from listening to music in your car where you are surrounded by glass and “glass sound”.Once into your room, it is free to strike all your room surfaces including your window or sliding glass door on your side wall. So now you have two brittle and harsh sounding elements contributing to your sound “quality”. To compound these issues, perhaps you only have that one window on one side of the room with no window on the other side. This kind of asymmetry on your side walls will destroy your sound stage. Any efforts you make to attempt to remedy your volume shifting sound stage will be fruitless.

So you’re stuck knowing you cannot take your windows out or build a wall over them because they do serve a purpose, just not a musical purpose. Glass is the worst surface you can have in your music rooms. You could cover them with drapes or some type of fabric treatment but will that treatment absorb at the proper rate and level that will mange and not destroy all of your reflected energy? Will it do enough to add value and emotion to your sound stage and musical presentation?

What Will You Experience?

  • With the panels you get an open celled acoustic foam treatment that absorbs energy at the correct rate and level to achieve a sound stage that has the correct width to allow for all the instruments and vocals to be heard in their respective places on your sound stage.
  • You get two size options, either the 4 or 2 panel stack. The 2 panel stack measures 27″W x 3″D x 36″L and weighs 10lbs. The 4 panel stack measures 27″W x 3″D x 72″L and weighs 20lbs. We can also custom make stack sizes to fit your specific window size. Simply call us on 520–392–9486 and we’ll be happy to help.
  • You also get the ability to cover that dreaded glass surface in your room, the one that creates a harshness and brittleness to your music that gives you that nagging headache after prolonged listening. You can then retract it and look out the window and see the world outside.
  • You get the ability to fully cover a window, wall, or door and then retract the Sound Absorbing Panels into a smaller space area, so it is not visible when you are not using it.
  • With the Sound Absorbing Panels, you can cover the window that separates your control room from your vocal room or live room to allow vocalists and instrumentalists a bit of privacy during the recording process which gives you greater flexibility in the recording process and ensures you can record material without that dreaded reflection off the control room glass surfaces appearing in the mix.
  • Finally you get an acoustic absorption tool that can be retracted and expanded over any surface, it does not have to be just for your glass surfaces. If you desire more absorption in your live room you can extend the panels out over a desired surface and then retract it when not in use.

The foam from Acoustic Fields absorbs more evenly and smoothly than any other foams we have ever used in the past.

Don Salter, Owner of Salt Mine Studios. Clients Include Lil Wayne, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys and many more.

It makes the room sound much more natural. For instance, a vocal tends to sit better in a track. Your whole mix just becomes clearer as there’s more definition between the different instruments and frequencies which obviously helps you as an engineer or producer to get your mix sounding right as you have a better knowledge of where things are.

Javier Weyler, Professional Audio Engineer and Drummer.

With the Sliding Window Panels your glass reflection headaches could be a thing of the past. It is based on the sliding door concept. Each panel is covered on both sides with our proprietary open celled acoustic foam. The absorption rate has been tested and you can see the rate and level of absorption you are using. This is not a window treatment used by interior decorators to add something to cover a window as a second thought. This is a real acoustical instrument that serves multiple musical purposes.

With absorbing foam on both sides, the Sound Absorbing Panels absorb reflections from the inside of the room and it also absorbs any reflections that escape through and touch the glass window. With foam on both sides of the panel, no surface is exposed to allow that surface to add its harmful effects into your room.

Each panel can slide along the rail and into place. This allows you to adjust the amount of absorption/reflection that you desire. With the Sound Absorbing Panels completely filling the window space, you have maximum reflection absorption from the room itself and any energy that is striking the glass. If this proves to be too much absorption for your particular room, you can remove one of the panels to allow for more reflections to mix with the rest of the direct energy from your loud speakers to achieve just the right balance between direct and reflected energy.

Acoustic Foam Performance Graph

We absorb more lower frequencies. And our foam absorbs in a smooth gradual way
all the way up to 1,000 Hz. so your vocals are smooth and not over absorbed/deadened.

No Glass Sound In Your Rooms

Our Sound Absorbing Panels were designed to deal with windows and doors. Glass surfaces in your listening rooms, home theaters, and professional recording studios are a fact of life. You must be able to see or walk out of them when you are not listening to music or recording it. You must be able to cover the glass surface when you are playing or recording music and video. You do not want glass sound anywhere.

More cells with better shapes produce more absorption below 500 Hz. In fact, we absorb 30% at 125 Hz. and 63% at 250 Hz. reaching 100% at 500 Hz. We went after the bottom half of the existing absorption curves to produce a foam that has a smoother absorption curve that goes lower where our vocals start and ends with a smoother, more gradual rate and level of absorption.

After all absorption must be gradual. You do not want to absorb 100% of anything in order to manage it least of all the vocals. Doing so drains the soul and energy from the performance and that’s the last thing you want when seeking a visceral experience!

AF Sound Absorption Chart

Smooth And Gradual Absorption Performance

We stand 100% behind our product performance levels so we are happy to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee* if you are unhappy with the performance results, for any reason.

Act Now

As the exclusive designer and manufacturer of this product and technology you cannot buy it in any other store or on any other website.

These products are for serious recording studios, engineers and Audiophiles only. If you’re sincere about wanting sonic perfection, then this is most definitely for you. Don’t live with a compromised listening room and room sound for a minute longer. Take action now, believe me, you’ll thank me for this, for years to come.

Thank you

Dennis Foley
Inventor & Owner of Acoustic Fields

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions26 × 56 × 3 in


2, 4

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to room acoustics. Your room is unique to you. If you see acoustic treatment analysis calculators on other sites, that’s all about marketing but no function. You need a live engineer to look at your room because there are too many variables in play to have a one size fits all solution. And any company that provides a one size fits all solution are just selling a bunch of band-aids that aren’t going to solve your problem. We're offering a REAL and FREE acoustic treatment room analysis, conducted by none other than Dennis Foley, our chief acoustics engineer himself.

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