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CDP | Carbon Drum Platform


The CDP (Carbon Drum Platform) is a drum platform which uses our carbon diaphragmatic technology to absorb the lower frequency energy from the kick and tom drum all the way up to the snare. You can achieve a large tight and defined drum sound, using our Carbon Drum Platform CDP.

The CDP comes in three sizes:

  • 6′ x 6′
  • 8′ x 8′
  • 10′ x 10′

Please read the full description below.

These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.
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Drum’s produce lots of energy. Most of that energy will not fit into today’s smaller rooms. Since it won’t fit, it is difficult if not impossible to get a large drum sound out of a small room. Achieving a quality sound out of small room is the struggle we see engineers going through on a daily basis.

To manage large energy producing devices in today’s smaller rooms, we need to have sound absorbing technology that has the design and performance necessary to deal with energy level from the kick drum which goes down into the 40 Hz. range all the way through the cymbals which can be as high as 2,000 Hz. Only diaphragmatic absorption will provide the necessary rates and levels of absorption required to manage all of this energy.

The best way to manage low frequency issues within today’s smaller rooms is to place the sound absorbing technology as close to the energy source as possible. Placing our carbon diaphragmatic absorption directly under the drums will provide that needed absorption rate and level.

Using our carbon diaphragmatic technology created within the ACDA-10 (ACDA 10 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results) we can use broadband absorption to absorb the lower frequency energy from the kick and tom drum all the way up though the snare. You can achieve a large tight and defined drum sound, using our Carbon Drum Platform CDP.

CDP comes in three sizes. We have a 6′ x 6′,  8′ x 8′ and 10′ x 10′. CDP heights are 10″ and finish is painted black. A limp mass, non skid, vinyl covering surface is provided. CDP are module in design with each module at 24″ x 10″ x 48″. Each module weighs 150 lbs.

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6' x 6', 8' x 8', 10' x 10'

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