ACDA-12 MINI Studio


The ACDA-10 MINI Studio and the ACDA-12 MINI Studio are designed for studios who want to manage the unwanted pressure areas around your drums. With the broadband absorption represented in the ACDA-10 (ACDA 10 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results) and the more frequency specific absorption provided by the ACDA-12 (ACDA 12 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results)., you have two acoustical tools at your disposal to minimize the pressure levels at the microphone positions in order to achieve that large, tight, and defined drum sound everyone desires.

Units are 20″ w x 36″ h x 16″ d and weigh 105 lbs. Units are shipped upon pallets and delivered to your studio location.

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Additional information

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 30 × 36 in

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