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  • The ACDA-10 MINI Studio and the ACDA-12 MINI Studio are designed for studios who want to manage the unwanted pressure areas around your drums. With the broadband absorption represented in the ACDA-10 (ACDA 10 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results) and the more frequency specific absorption provided by the ACDA-12 (ACDA 12 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results)., you have two acoustical tools at your disposal to minimize the pressure levels at the microphone positions in order to achieve that large, tight, and defined drum sound everyone desires.

    Units are 20″ w x 36″ h x 16″ d and weigh 105 lbs. Units are shipped upon pallets and delivered to your studio location.

  • subwoofer absorber platform
    subwoofer absorber platform

    Sub woofers generate a lot of low frequency energy that fills our rooms. Most of that energy will simply not fit into our small rooms. A 12″ driver produces 2 dB more energy than a 10″. All of this energy must be managed and the best location to manage unwanted low frequency pressure is as close to the source as possible.

    Our sub woofer carbon platform SWCP provides broadband absorption from 30 – 200 Hz. Broadband absorption that averages a 25 – 30% rate of absorption at the levels from 30 – 200 Hz. where sub woofers produce their energy. This rate and level of absorption is the same as our ACDA-10 unit (visit ACDA-10 page).

    The SWCP stands 18″ high and the dimensions are made to correspond to your width and length. Units are on casters, so positioning the sub through the room tuning process is facilitated. A platform height of 18″ is always welcome in any room size and volume. The average weight is 55 – 75 lbs.

  • image of a speaker platform CSP
    image of a speaker platform CSP

    Speaker cabinets are really miniature rooms. As your diaphragm (speaker) moves inside the cabinet, reflections and unwanted low frequency pressure issues inside the cabinet color the sonic energy that is then released through your speaker drivers and into your listening room. These sonic coloration’s take many forms.

    First, there comes the vibration or structural issues of the cabinet’s themselves. Everything that moves makes noise, Your drivers move back and forth and are attached to the cabinet. The cabinet takes this energy and then transfers it to the floor, so the floor can start moving. You now understand vibration (noise) transmission pathways.

    Low frequency, unwanted, room modal issues are presented within our speaker cabinet are in direct proportion to the speaker cabinet size and volume. Reflections from the speaker cabinet (room) are bouncing around inside the cabinet cavity. Where does all this over pressurized and time delayed reflected energy go? It goes through the drivers and then out into your room. Low frequency energy radiates at 360 degrees from speaker center point.

    To minimize the transmission of vibration, lower frequency pressure issues, and internal cabinet, time delayed reflections that come through the low frequency driver in the cabinet, we use our carbon technology in our SCP which stands for Speaker Carbon Platform.

    Inside the 6″ high platform, which is custom made to your be 1″ larger than your speaker base dimensions, lies our carbon technology which acts to absorb low frequency energy through the diaphragmatic process and then to minimize the transmission of vibration (noise) to the floor through transmission loss to the floor. Noise reduction whether through internal cabinet treatment or vibration energy dampening means more music in your room.

  • Image of a ACDA-12 Ceiling System Module
    Image of a ACDA-12 Ceiling System Module

    ACDA-12 CSM is a smaller version of our production ACDA -12 unit. This is a more limited frequency range starting at 30 – 50 Hz. It is powerful with absorbent coefficients of 63 % at 40 Hz. and 100 % at 50 Hz.

    ACDA 12 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results

    It is perfect for unwanted pressure areas around the room parameter. Numerous wood and fabric texture and colors are available.

    Read more about our PLE (Personal Listening Environment)

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