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The ceiling to floor dimension in our listening or professional working rooms is usually the smallest of the three dimensions. Since the smallest dimensions produce the largest low-frequency pressure issues, the floor to ceiling dimension must be treated. We have two choices when treating these surface areas. We can treat the ceiling or we can treat the floor. If one is really serious about treating your room, you would treat both the floor and the ceiling. However, treating at least one of those surface areas is a must to treat the unwanted low-frequency energy issues.

We can deal with the low-frequency unwanted pressure issues from floor to ceiling by treating the floor, the ceiling, or both. Obviously, the floor is the easiest of the surface areas to treat. We can accomplish this with our Floor Carbon Platform FCP. The platform is a series of units that are placed together underneath the listening position chair. The platform’s height is determined by the frequency issues that are specific to your room floor to ceiling dimension. Platform heights can vary from 6″ – 10″. Each surface area of each platform is covered with a 1/4″ layer of mass loaded vinyl to prevent slippage.

To determine how many platforms we will require, we must first examine what frequency issues your floor to ceiling dimension is producing. Once that is determined, we can then design the carbon platform to deal with your frequency issue. we will also calculate the proper surface area requirements to treat the low-frequency issues you are having. Most listening or DAW stations will take between 4-8 units @ 24″ x 48″. Depth of each platform will be determined by room modal issues based upon ceiling height and low frequency driver diameter used. Platforms are black with 1/4″ mass loaded vinyl for skid protection and vibration management.

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These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.

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