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The ACDA -10 STUDIO is our broadband, lower frequency absorber starting at 30 hz. and going strong through 300 hz. With our foam technology behind the fabric, the frequency range is extended through 6,300 hz.

ACDA 10 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results

Costs are managed by sealing the exterior finish with a moisture proof barrier. The side walls have been widened to allow for more gripping space to hold on to as you move the units around in your studio.

With the broadband absorption provided by the carbon technology and middle and higher frequency absorption created with our foam technology on the face of each unit, you now have an acoustical absorption tool for your studio that starts at 30 Hz and moves through 6,300 Hz. with an average low frequency absorption coefficient of 25 %.

The ACDA-10 STUDIO unit can be placed around drums to lower pressure levels and allow for more detailed energy to be heard at the microphone position. They can also be positioned on each side of your console which is a common high pressure are in today’s smaller control rooms.

The ACDA-12 Studio is our most powerful absorber. It starts at 30 Hz and grabs 35% of that frequency for every square foot of surface area for a total linear attenuation of 1.5 dB for every 12 square feet of one ACDA-12 unit. We get 63% at 40 Hz. and 100% at 50 Hz. Units are on casters , so are easy to position. The finish at this price point is MDF with a clear coat to protect against moisture and dirt. Frame is wood with a clear coat. Units measure the same 30″ w x 60″ high by 16″ deep as the ACDA-10 units. They weigh 240 lbs and are shipped 4 to a pallet.

Units measure 30″ w x 60″ h x 16″ d and weigh 230 lbs. Units are shipped on a pallet and delivered to your studio. You can choose a fabric fave or just leave the unit with its foam face.

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These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.

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