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A piano string bed is really a large speaker that radiates energy. It radiates energy upward towards the ceiling and downward towards the floor. It is a full range speaker with white key number one starting at 27.5 hz. and the last key ending at 4,186 hz. The first 20 keys generate frequencies below 125 hz. With this large, radiating, full range, speaker firing sound energy both towards the ceiling and floor, pressure management is critical to avoid unwanted modal pressure issues around the piano.

The string bed is 35″ off the floor and 5′ from an 8′ ceiling height. We must be able to manage the lower frequency energy below middle C and everything else above middle C. . We have three sound fields within a room. We have sidewall to sidewall, front to rear wall and floor to ceiling. We must be able to manage this energy in the floor to ceiling soundfield since it is usually the shortest of the three sound fields which produces large low frequency energy issues. Since our design strategy must focus on lower frequency management below 125 hz., we will use sound absorption. We will use our carbon technology inside the Piano Cubes.

The Piano Cubes are miniature diaphragmatic absorbers that fit under your piano. We have four resonating start frequencies modules at 30 hz, 40 hz., 50 hz. and 60 hz. The largest cube starts at 30 hz. and goes through 50 hz. is 12″ high and sits directly on the floor. It is our ACDA -12 technology starting at 30 hz. and going strong through 50 hz. Our next 10″ high module series starts at 40 hz. and goes through 300 hz. The third cube series starts at 50 hz. and goes through 300 hz. It is 8″ high.The final fourth cubes start at 60 hz. and go through 300 hz. We will use, starting left to right under the piano with the 30 hz. modules since the first 12 notes of a piano produce 50 hz. or lower. To be precise the piano begins with white key number one producing 27.5 hz. We locate the appropriate cube resonating frequencies directly below the string that is producing that frequency range of energy. The best and most effective place to place low frequency absorption technology is as close to the source as physically possible.

An average grand piano module count is 16 with 4 cubes per resonant frequency. We start left to right on the floor under the piano with the 12″ high cubes. Heading right next to the 12″ cube row is the 10″ high unit. After the 10″ comes the 8″ and 6″ unit. It looks like a small series of steps which form a waterfall design if air was flowing over the “steps”. With this approach, we assign the correct resonant frequency cube to be directly under the string or strings that are producing the energy we seek to treat. With four resonant frequency cubes or modules to pick from, we can selectively choose the frequencies we go after. The 12 ” cubes weigh 40 lbs, the 10″ cubes 33 lbs. The 8″ cubes are 26 lbs and the 6″ cubes weigh in at 21 lbs. Units are black with non-skid vinyl on the floor to module size.

Grand pianos take 12 – 16 units for ultimate control. Baby grands take 8 – 12 units. Every usage and room is different. Consult with us on your requirements.

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These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.

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