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What Are The Most Popular Words Included In Band Names?

By April 7, 2014No Comments

Coming up with band names is always a pain. No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to please the whole band. So in the end the leader of the band invariably picks one and the first seed of jealousy is planted years before the eventual coke binge band fight that see’s the drummer ejected from the touring bus in Little Monsoon, Delaware in just his y-fronts and diamond stud earrings and the band imploding in Twitter recriminations thereafter… well sort of.

Anyway, the following infographic has been put together showing the most popular words used by over 6,500 artists. So to avoid your band ever facing the calamity of Little Monsoon, write the names in each section on a piece of paper, drop them on the beer stained rehearsal room floor, pick one from each and forever hold your piece… until the eventual fight about royalties and wives in the recording studio.

I’m going with “Dead King Blue John” which definitely beats some of the suggestions I’ve heard over the years from former band mates not least “Oak Staircase”, “The Potato Harvests” and “Ray Cist And The Xenophobes” (drummers always come up with the best back there).


Ultimate Band Names

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