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The Heart As A Sensory Organ

By August 21, 2012No Comments

Most Powerful Magnetic Generator

I have been reading about some of the current findings and research that has been going on with the study of the human heart. Researchers are finding that the heart is much more than a muscle to pump blood through the body. In fact, the whole body, not just the heart actually moves blood through itself. The heart is also one of the most powerful magnetic generator and receivers known for its size. It is this feature that is the communication web for the brain and heart.

Neural Cells In Heart

I always thought the heart was independent in some way from the brain especially when it comes to music. Researchers have found that 60 – 65% of the cells of the heart are what they call neural cells which are just like brain cells. So our heart is composed by a margin more than half of brain cells. Does our heart think like our brain? What do these brain cells within our heart actually do.

Its Own Nervous System

Science has also discovered that the brain and the heart are linked together in many more ways than originally thought. They have discovered that the heart has its own nervous system and one could consider the heart as a specialized part of the brain. I think that is the reason our hearts connect to the music quicker than our brains do. Our hearts store memories with their “brain” cells and these memories are interpreted with the nervous system of our hearts so we can then emotionally connect to the music.

Emotional Connection

When I hear a song from the past, I am immediately transported back through time to where and what I was doing when I originally heard that particular sound. I do not remember what was the specific year of the song but I do remember what I was doing at that time and where I was geographically in my life. I even can remember other groups or songs that I was listening to at the same time. Perhaps the heart stores the emotional connection I had with the music back then and now when I am hearing the song again, it recalls those emotional connections for me.

Heart Felt

I am sure others have felt this experience. You are somewhere and you hear an old song and are immediately transported back through time and space into the same dimension if you will of where you were when you first heard that song and really connected to it. I think this could be the reason we can listen to the same song over and over again without getting tired of it. Our brains may be tired of hearing it and our friend’s brains may be also equally tired of hearing it, but our hearts like the feeling of the song and transmit that feeling through its nervous system into ours.


The topic of coherence is a big part of the heart and brain. Coherence in this instance refers to two forces working together to achieve a larger goal. It is similar to synergy but not quite the same. In synergy, we have two forces that melt together to form a new entity that is greater in either positive or negative ways than each individual component. Coherence is two forces working together for just the sake of working together and generating positive energy.


Our hearts rhythms are tied to our emotions through coherence. Our heart’s rhythms reflect the actual emotion that each rhythm is connected to. All of these rhythms interlace together to produce a field of energy that can be likened to a radio wave. A radio wave modulates energy and music is attached to those modulations. It radiates out from the heart in 10′ distances.


As these “modulations” move along they were produced or enter twined with emotions. Emotions are attached to experience and every emotion adds to the rate and level of energy modulations. These modulations can add energy to the field through these modulations and cause changes in the energy field.


Many religions use this coherence between the heart’s rhythms and emotions to produce a field that one can focus on and control to accomplish many internal system objectives. A person’s Chi or energy field can be tapped into by the individual and made to work in positive ways. Studies are underway with using this energy field as a form of healing both physically and spiritually.

Heart Felt

When the brain and heart form a coherence to produce an energy field, the brain takes a back seat to the heart. This causes the brain to become more connected to the body. When the brain takes the lead there is less connection to the body. When the heart is in the forefront, there are many changes. Mental chatter and both blood pressure systems become more balanced and in synch with each other. William Teller describes this electrical transmission chain:

“The major centers of the body containing biological oscillators can act as coupled electrical oscillators. These oscillators can be brought to synchronized modes of operation through mental and emotional self-control and the effects on the body of such synchronization are correlated with significant shifts in perception.”

Heart First For Music

With all of this coherence between our body systems such as the heart and mind we are beginning to see that our hearts are really the mechanism that we relate to music with. If we can measure heart electrical modulations from a physical distance of 10′ and these modulations are attached to emotions then our brain’s need to get out of the way and listen to the heart. I always tell people that the only sound in your room that matters is the sounds that you emotionally connect to.


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