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Sound Insulating Panels

By July 18, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

The term ” sound insulating panels” is confusing. Sound is either reflected, absorbed, or diffused. I do not know any sound that is insulated. I think people want to be “insulated” from sound or a better term would be isolated from sound energy. They just don’t want to hear the bass.

Maybe the term sound insulating panels came about because a lot of acoustical absorbing panels in the marketplace today are filled with fiberglass or glass wool insulation. People then began to equate fiberglass, steel wool, with housing or building insulation and the quiet their homes exhibited. Thus, the term sound insulation panels was born.

Sound insulating panels should be changed to sound absorbing panels. We don’t want to insulate sound, we want to absorb, diffuse or reflect it. We can insulate our homes, but lets leave sound where it belongs.


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