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The front and sidewalls are the two most critical surface areas that we must treat when it comes to using a starter package. If you wish to start out treating the most important surface areas within your two channel setup, you must focus on the front and sidewalls. Our Two channel winged series uses our ACDA-12 modules as bases. Sitting on top of the bases are our new perforated absorber with our proprietary foam technology designed to absorb down to 65 hz. The ACDA-12 module bases start absorbing at 30 hz. and push strong through 50 hz.

The ACDA-12 modules are 38″ w x 30″ h x 12″ d and weigh 130 lbs each. Numerous paint finishes are available for both the ACDA series along with the CPA. The CPA is 76″ w x 56″ h x 7″ deep and sits upon the ACDA bases. There are 6 ACDA-12 modules and 3 Perforated Absorbers in this front of the house package.

The rear wall diffusion option comes with our QDA-14 diffuser/absorbers arranged in a two dimensional array to minimize reflections at the rear wall and make the rear wall disappear. They sit upon the same ACDA-12 modules as the front and sidewalls described above. Diffuser are cherry wood for optimal mid range tonal quality.

The diffuser modules are 24″ x 24″ x 12″ d. The QDA-13 has our carbon technology, ACDA-10, on the inside of the diffuser. Each diffusion module weighs 80 lbs.and is finished in cherry wood to produce the best middle range frequency tone. The ACDA-12 bases, which the modules sit upon, are 48″ w x 30″ h x 12″ d and weigh 170 lbs each. There are two bases and 8 diffusers in the rear wall package.

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