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Many times in our studios we have a need for both diffusion and absorption. Bringing in separate units is not easy and definitely not cost effective. With our diffuser absorber studio (DAS) units you have both diffusion and absorption both in one unit. The unit is on casters so mobility and positioning is much easier than with free standing units.

Diffusion can add air and separation to your instruments and vocals. A properly diffused sound field is a necessity in today’s recordings where absorption is used improperly. All rooms require the ability to absorb access low frequency energy no matter what the room dimensions and volume. Both of these features are now combined into one portable unit.

Units are clear coated commercial grade MDF. This simple finishing technique is cost effective and seals the unit from moisture. Casters are rated at twice the load they are carrying and have double wide wheels which insure the ability to position them easily in tight places. Fabric color and texture options are numerous.

There are three diffusion options you can work with. The quadratic diffusion options are based upon prime numbers 7,11, and 13. The higher the prime number, the more octave band coverage. especially at lower frequencies.

  • The DAS – 7 offers diffusion from 850 – 3,450 Hz. and our carbon absorption from 30 – 400 Hz. Units measure 24″ w x 60″ h x 16″ d and weigh 225 lbs. on casters.
  • The DAS – 11 offers diffusion from 375 – 3,450 Hz. and our carbon absorption from 30 – 400 Hz. Units measure 24″ w x 60″ h x 23″ d and weigh 250 lbs. on casters.
  • The DAS-13 offers diffusion from 275 – 3,450 Hz. and our carbon absorption from 30 – 400 Hz.Units measure 27″ w x 60″ h x 24″ d and weigh 275 lbs.on casters.
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7, 11, 13

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