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Music From The Heart

By April 10, 2012No Comments

Dave Grohl of Nirvana claim and numerous other bands such as Queens of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures won a Grammy for Best Rock Album made an acceptance speech that was obviously well thought out. It was creative and inspiring:

Great Honor

This is a great honor because this record was a special record for our band. Rather than go to the best studio in the world down the street in Hollywood and rather than use all the fanciest computers that money can buy, we made this one in my garage with some microphones and a tape machine. To me this reward means a lot because it shows that the human element of music is whats important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the more important thing for people to do. Its not about being perfect,its not about sounding absolutely correct,its not about what goes on inside a computer. Its about what goes on in here (your heart) and what goes on in here (your head).

Music From The Heart

Music is from the heart. The best musicians have the ability to transfer the feelings that lie deep into their heart and transfer those feelings through their brain and out their hands or mouth. It is an amazing talent and skill and those musicians that possess this skill set are the best musicians in their particular music genre. Look at Jimmy Hendrix. There was a direct connection between Jimi’s heart and hands. He could meld into one instrument on stage and your ears did not hear anything but a complete “experience”. He was producing music with his heart and his hands were just tools for his heart to use.


Listen to Adele. This young lady can definitely connect her heart through the brain and into the music. Her lyrics are powerful and concise, but they pale in comparison to her heartfelt music presentation. When she adds her heart to the lyrics through her voice, one can tell from the timbre changes in her voice that this is definitely a heart directly though into the music. She has the tonal range to portray all of the pain a heart feels. I am hopeful that her future life experiences are more positive and that she will then use music to exhibit something these emotionally positive feelings with the same dynamics and emotional connection she has shown us with her Six Grammy wins.

Guitar players start with mastering the acoustic guitar before going to electric. Piano players start on a grand or mini grand and go from there.
Singers sing,sing,sing. Sing with yourself and definitely with others. Begin the process, your process, of direct connecting from your heart through your art. This is what will sustain you and always make your music fun and rewarding.


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