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Home Theater Set Up

By August 2, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

Home Theater set up includes all the electronics to produce the sound, furniture to sit in and view the screen, and room acoustic treatments. Unfortunately, many individuals purchase the equipment and furniture for the room and expect it to sound good without treating the acoustical issues present in all rooms.

Home theater set up must include some type of room acoustic treatment because of all the energy produced by the home theater speakers in the room. First, we have the three front channels which produce energy into the room. Next, we have the side and rear channels which add their own energy into the presentation. Finally, the biggest energy producer is the sub woofer or sub woofers which produce the low frequency energy for numerous on screen special effects.

A proper home theater set up will allow for a strong and focused center image from the center channel speaker for dialogue. The left and right channel speakers allow for placement and movement of sound that goes from left to right and right to left on the screen. With proper room acoustic treatment, the vocals will be centered on the screen and if a car or airplane moves from left to right across the screen the audio will track with the video so they are in synch at the viewing positions.

The sub woofer or sub woofers produce the low frequency energy that creates our explosions, car crashes, and any other low frequency effects. Sub woofers must first be positioned in the room correctly to avoid all the acoustical issues that low frequency energy generates. The room must be treated with low frequency absorption to “sponge up” excess energy so that this excess energy does not interfere with the front, side, and rear channel presentations at the viewing positions.


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