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Home Theater Design

By August 10, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

Home theater design must take into consideration the electronics, which includes the video producing system, the amplification, and the speakers. The seating system and the room acoustics must be given more weight and concern than any other component when home theater design is considered.

The listening and viewing area serves two masters. First, it must be at the proper distance from the video monitor or screen in order to view the image correctly and without fatigue. Secondly, the listening and viewing position must be at the correct distance from all the speakers, so that all information is processed correctly by the ears and brain.

The video distances are easy to calculate in any home theater design. The size of the video screen will define the distance parameters used. The audio from multiple mono sources, the rear, sides, and front channels must be dealt with correctly in order for all sound sources to blend together and become balanced and un noticed as to their positions in the room. In the audio side, room distances, room boundary surfaces acoustical treatment, and subwoofer placement are critical and are often not given the consideration they deserve in most home theater designs.


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