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Hi – Fi Room

By September 29, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

Another popular search term used in Goggle in our business is the term hi – fi room. I am going to assume people are searching for information on how to create a hi – fi room. At least, I am hoping that is the case. Now, we are talking.

If someone is considering creating a hi – fi room, they have made a decision to have a dedicated space in which to put the tools of hi – fi into. They will need a set of speakers, a stereo amplifier or better yet a pair of mono amplifiers, one for each channel. A cd player or a cd transport with an external digital to analogue converter rounds out the playback equipment chain. If someone is really analogue oriented, they could use a turntable. Don’t forget the cables to connect all the components to each other.

The last part of the search term hi – fi room is the most important. One must have a room to place the sound playback equipment in. The same care and attention as one uses in choosing their equipment must also be given to the choice of room to use. Parallel walls with an 8 degree splay, rectangular shape, 20′ wide, 30′ long and 12′ high, poured concrete construction with two external walls at least 6″ apart, a direct line from the utility companies transformer outside the room to at least a 600 amp board with computer grade isolation transformers for any power line noise suppression, dedicated, 30 amp lines for each piece of equipment, and all of one’s favorite cds or albums.

Oh yes, I almost forgot about the chair. On second thought, with all of the above, who needs it.


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