How To Make Your Room Sound Larger

August 4, 2018 No Comments

Let’s to talk about how to make your room sound larger. Unfortunately most of the rooms I see are very small. People are trying to do a lot in really small rooms. They’re trying to mix, they’re trying to master, they’re trying to record drums, they’re trying to do everything in small rooms. I get […]

Quadratic Diffusion

July 31, 2018 No Comments

Let’s talk about quadratic diffusion. Diffusion in general causes a lot of difficulty for people and I get that because there’s a lot of terms and explanations in the literature that really just aren’t valid at all. And the first thing we can do to help us with understanding is define the difference between diffusion […]

Guessing is gambling!

July 28, 2018 No Comments

I see a lot of guessing. Guessing is gambling. Especially when it comes to room acoustics. And here is the problem. A lot of people have lots of ideas about tactics. They hear about this product, they hear about that product. They hear about this technique. They hear about that technique. But they don’t have […]

Acoustic Fields Group Project #2

July 24, 2018 No Comments

Today we’re going to talk about group project #2. We did group project #1 a couple of weeks ago and there was a good response. People seem to identify and be interested in the resolution side of 2-channel systems. So let’s talk a little bit about distortion today because there’s a lot of components within […]

Why You Should NEVER Place Your Speakers Next To Glass

July 21, 2018 No Comments

Sidewall reflection and speakers too close to the sidewall. So we’re going to actually show you a photo and we can go ahead and do that right now where we have a speaker right next to a glass. So we’re going to talk about why this is not a good situation. In fact, it’s so […]

Sound Diffusion – One Or Two Dimensions?

July 17, 2018 No Comments

Let’s talk about diffusion and we all know from my past videos and my room designs that I’m big on quadratic. Quadratic is the only diffusion that I have found that satisfies all the 5 criteria for a real, true, diffuse sound field. Now in a room we know we have 3 real major sound […]

Acoustic Fields Group Project

July 14, 2018 No Comments

Today we’re going to do a something little bit different than we normally do. I’m going to give you some givens so you get an outline of what we’re trying to ask a question about and then we’re going to do a question. We’re going to make it a group project and I want you […]

Physics of Sound Part III

July 10, 2018 2 Comments

Today we’re going to talk about the physics of sound part 3. Part 1 we talked about level or strength, amplitude. Part 2 we talked about frequency. This is going to be about propagation. Where does level, frequency travel through if you will? Well, we know that we have paths and it’s all about going […]

Physics of Sound Part II

July 7, 2018 No Comments

Let’s talk about frequency which is part 2 of our physics of sound series, kind of back to basics program. I want to give you a feel for physics because then we take the general knowledge and feel, if you will, for physics and then we apply it to acoustics which is a science of […]

Physics of Sound Part I

July 3, 2018 No Comments

Let’s get back to basics a little bit and talk about some of the qualities and characteristics and the physics of sound. We’re going to call this part I, we’ll probably do two or three parts on this. There’s 3 major parts that we need to look at when we’re dealing with audio in our […]