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Welcome to the second Acoustic Treatment Google Hangout with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields. This is your weekly chance to ask Dennis any and all questions you may have about room acoustics in our new time slot of 11 am EST every Tuesday.

This week’s questions include:

1. Can a listening room be over damped?

2. If somebody doesn’t realize the amount of their music they are missing out on in a badly treated room, what would be your reference point/recommendation for working out what the are missing out on? Expensive headphones?

3. Where should I start when it comes to measuring my room acoustic problems? What’s do I do? Where do I start?

4. Should I use quadratic diffusion on my front wall and will an angled set up work?

5. Can I use side wall diffusion in my control room?

6. Should you use diffusion in your live room/music room?

7. Can I use acoustic foam to help manage bass? I’ve been looking in forums and some people say you can.

8. You’ve suggest that acoustic foam performs at its best when there is some space separation between it and the wall? Can you explain more about why that is?

If you want to know the answers to any of the above and/or want to hear some of the expanded discussion that these questions prompted, then be sure to watch the above video. There were some detailed explanations for each question so we hope it proves valuable to you.

So thank you everyone who sent in your questions, we really appreciate your input and finding out what acoustical issues we can help with.

Remember to tune in at the same time next week for more from Dennis and the Acoustic Fields team. Leave any comments or questions you would like answered in the comments section below or email them in at and we’ll make sure we get to them in next weeks hangout.

And if you want to attend the Tuesday July 15 hangout at 11 am EST then come join us at the Acoustic Fields blog at at that time to join in the action.

Thanks and see you all again next Tuesday
Here’s to good acoustic health!

Dennis and the team


I am a structural engineer as well as a master furniture maker. I design cabinets for low frequency, activated carbon absorbers. Connect with me on Google+

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