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Acoustic Fields has taken the standard diaphragmatic absorber technology and improved it in three major ways. First, the front wall in all of Acoustic Field’s diaphragmatic absorbers is not just a single wall. It is a dual wall structure that has been designed to increase the rate of absorption by increasing the level of energy that is slowed down before entering the internal cabinet fill material. With a dual wall face that is designed with sympathetic vibrational technology in place and having both dual wall, front panels that are designed with the proper density and air space between them to insure maximum movement in sympathy with each other, greater absorption rates and levels are achieved.

How It Works

When sound pressure energy strikes this dual wall, front face assembly, it is slowed down by a factor much greater than a single wall. Secondly, cabinet rigidity and density has been increased using multiple layers of materials with different densities to insure maximum cabinet rigidity, so that the front dual wall construction is encouraged to vibrate. Viseo elastic compounds are used between each cabinet layer to insure that vibrational energy is minimized from the cabinet itself. Finally, the internal cabinet fill of standard building material, mineral fibers, has been replaced with activated carbon. Activated carbon is a fancy name for charcoal. Activated carbon has a high degree of porosity which contributes to its high rate and level of absorption over standard building type insulation. The rates and levels of low frequency absorption created by Acoustic Field’s activated carbon diaphragmatic absorbers have never been achieved until now for a commercially available product.


ACDA-10 Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorber


ACDA-12 Activated Carbon Diaphragmatic Absorber

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