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Our Projects

Want to see what a finished job from Acoustic Fields looks like? Check out some of our past acoustical design projects below! You can see pictures as well as in-depth information on each unique challenge.

We’ve worked on home theaters, recording studios, and everything in between in the last 25 years. No matter what type of acoustic project you have for us, we’re up for the challenge! And, we’d be happy to provide you with a free room analysis.

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home theater with sound diffusers and screen
two channel listening room acoustics 4
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pitcairn listening room 1

Deep Quiet Forest – Listening Room

piano cubes black gloss

Piano Cubes

acoustic fields dealer 3

Our First Dealer

IMG 5114 1 e1704043227565

Church DIY Done Right

ike amadi voice actor 4

Iké Amadi – Voice Actor

carbon cube magic

Carbon Cube Magic


Podcast Room

dance edge 1

Dance Edge Studios

Temu update 3

Temu Music – Studio Upgrade

yuval drum room 1

Acoustic Fields’ Gift To Yuval

SAC Hall Project 1 scaled

ACS Hall

home theater design 2

Music Environment Part II

diy acoustic treatment 9

DIY Done Right Part II

Home Theater with bass traps on wall

Home Cinema – Dolby Atmos

dennis rig 5

Dennis’ Rig

rnd facility 3

6.4 – R&D Facility

mixing studio design 3

Studio Build & Acoustical Journey by Temu Music

rhythm lab acoustics 3

Gear / Treatment Wars

church acoustical design

Church Acoustics

Hot Springs Home Theater 2

Acoustic Fields R + D FACILITY

michaels room 1

Michael’s Home Theater Room

capitol full bg

Capitol Records: Mastering Acoustics

recording studio acoustics 3

Studio 2020’s Acoustic Re-Design

side 3 project thumb

Side 3 Studios

noise alchemy 3

Noise Alchemy – Burbank, California

mixing acoustics bill malina 1 2

Bill Malina

donovan stark acoustics

Donovan Stark

sam small music studio 1 HD

Sam Small – Too Small

vocal booth project

Brenda’s Studio 23

diy vocal booth acoustics

Vocal Booth Acoustics

cathedral auditorium 1

Cathedral Auditorium, Italy

caw full bg clean

Carbon Absorber Wall – CAW

Our Clients

'I was actually able to hear definition and clarity that I was looking for in the room. The advantage is amazing.
For what it does and what else is out there, its value is well worth the investment.

Bill MalinaGrammy & Emmy nominated engineer

'I hired Dennis and he came by with his special carbon treated diffusers. I immediately heard a big difference. The life of the room started to come back. It really cleans up the sound stage. Basically it takes the room out of the equation.'

Robert VosgienMastering Engineer, Capitol Records

'If I had this technology before, my job would have been so much easier.
Mixes that took 5 hours could have taken me 2 hours. This is the best thing you can do for your business.'

Sam BoumoujahedOwner of Studio2020, Chicago

'I just couldn't believe how it performed. It makes your room accurate and that just saves money and time.
Until you actually hear it you don’t realize it. I highly highly recommend it!'

Adelio LombardiOwner of Side 3 Studios

'The carbon absorbers, absorb bass like I have never heard before.
We now have definition and attack/decay like we never imagined possible.'

Don SalterOwner of Salt Mine Studios