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Acoustic Design Services

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acoustic design & consultation services.

Working with Acoustic Fields

Start Your Acoustic Transformation
With Room Designs by Dennis Foley


The treatment design includes room size and volume, source (speaker)/listening positions within room size and volume for 2 - 40 channels, all low, middle, and high-frequency absorption management, including proper rates and levels of absorption to match usage, type, amount & position. All middle and high-frequency diffusion specified as to type/amount/position to include proper diffusion frequency response/usage. All DIY drawings are provided for all specified treatments and types. Telephone consultation is available to assist you with any build or product implementation.


Noise analysis includes all internal/ external noise frequency and amplitude measurements taken by the client under my assistance. Noise measurements are taken inside and outside of the subject room twice a day over 7 days. Barrier design based on these seven-day noise study showing frequency, amplitude, and SPL. DIY drawings provided for barrier design are based on these measurement numbers. Material list provided to build the specified barrier. Telephone consultation is available to assist you with any build or product implementation.

We Offer Design Solutions For

Recording Studios

Finish your mixes in half the time with our proprietary technology!

Home Theaters

Don’t just watch the movie. Live the movie!

Listening Rooms

Experience sound quality like never before in your personal sanctuary!

Church Acoustics

Hear every song and every sermon like never before!

Sound Barrier & Noise

Eliminate noise in a way that’s most effective for your unique needs!


Improve learning with an environment engineered for perfect sound quality!

'I was actually able to hear definition and clarity that I was looking for in the room. The advantage is amazing.
For what it does and what else is out there, its value is well worth the investment.

Bill MalinaGrammy & Emmy nominated engineer

'I hired Dennis and he came by with his special carbon treated diffusers. I immediately heard a big difference. The life of the room started to come back. It really cleans up the sound stage. Basically it takes the room out of the equation.'

Robert VosgienMastering Engineer, Capitol Records

'If I had this technology before, my job would have been so much easier.
Mixes that took 5 hours could have taken me 2 hours. This is the best thing you can do for your business.'

Sam BoumoujahedOwner of Studio2020, Chicago

'I just couldn't believe how it performed. It makes your room accurate and that just saves money and time.
Until you actually hear it you don’t realize it. I highly highly recommend it!'

Adelio LombardiOwner of Side 3 Studios

'The carbon absorbers, absorb bass like I have never heard before.
We now have definition and attack/decay like we never imagined possible.'

Don SalterOwner of Salt Mine Studios