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Well, my name is Dennis Foley and Acoustic Fields is the company I created as a result of a dream come true. I know you will see yourself in this process, so I want to tell you about my dream come true findings and how they could benefit your room.

Starting out back in the 70’s and 80’s I loved my music but I soon become tired of buying different speakers and amplifiers in search of a better sound quality, even though I kept putting the equipment in the same room. If only I would have put the new equipment in a different room, I would have realized that it is the room that is causing the problems. Most of the time the room would not let me hear the differences the new amplifier and speaker produced. However, I sure paid a higher price for that perceived difference. I wanted better sound in the same room.

The following video gives you a little of the low down on how I got there.

What A Waste Of Money

I was spending thousands of dollars in the hope of achieving the sound that I knew my electronics were capable of producing. Why, during some passages in my music, could I hear the instruments and vocals and in others could I hear some sounds but not others? It was very frustrating and I knew that buying a different “box” and putting it into another “box” (my room), would not get me what I wanted to hear. I knew the low frequency or bass “boom” as we called it back then, would not let me. I noticed it got worse as the rooms I inhabited got smaller.

Fate Changes Everything

For years I chased good room sound and then fate put me into a position where I could solve all my acoustic fantasies. You see unlike some people (including most of my friends) my fantasies revolved around building the right size room so I could get all the other room distortions under control. I could control room size and volume and even the method of construction used to build the room. I could keep outside noise, outside where it belongs and I could manage the low frequency pressure levels inside the room along with all the spurious reflections bouncing from all the wall surfaces. Fate dealt me a welcome, no thinking about it, hand. A local real estate developer, who specialized in high end office buildings, offered me the partnership of a lifetime to produce rooms that were quiet and could handle voice and music at the same time.

Finally A Full Time Team To Chase The Dream

Through eight years of research and development, with eight full time guys, a huge budget, and 3 buildings to tear apart and use for testing, my dream came true! We worked day and night at finding solutions. My goal to build a room with all the 4 main room distortions under proper management was finally in place. The development company wanted office buildings that were super quiet and could handle all forms of speech and music. I had to address all of the four main acoustical distortions presented in small room acoustics and I was free to use existing technologies or create my own in areas where existing technologies fell apart.

Eureka! Success At Last!

By the end of the process we had produced a low frequency, sound absorbing technology using activated carbon (charcoal) and a proprietary open celled, sound absorbing technology that was lightweight and relatively easy to manufacture. It absorbed at the proper rates and levels to achieve a vocal and musical clarity, I could never achieve with existing products in the market place.

So don’t let your room stand in the way of you hearing all the music the musician and engineer put into the mix but which your room won’t let you hear. Start thinking about what you need to do to get your room out of the way of your music experience. The journey is so worth it. Why, I had a 64 year old Audiophile in tears just the other day having finally fixed his room. He never realized just how much of his favorite songs he had never heard before and all because of his room! It really is amazing and rewarding at times.

So to get you started on this journey please sign up for my free videos and ebook by joining the mailing list here. I send room tuning tips and things for you to test in your room every Wednesday. They are easy to follow and really help people enjoy more of their music.

Alternatively feel free to contact me directly at: 520 – 392 – 9486 MST or You can see more of my research and development story and why I started Acoustic Fields at:

Thanks and speak soon

Dennis Foley

I am an acoustic engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the business. My technology has been used in Electric Lady Land Studios, Sony Music of New York, Cello Music and Films founded by Mark Levinson, and Saltmines Studios in Mesa, Arizona, along with hundreds of others.


  • Subject: New music room for HFX Systems client Mr. Alan Sussman

    Afternoon Dennis

    I will appreciate if you could contact me regarding new Music Listening Room project for our client Mr. Alan Sussman

    I have been assisting Mr. Sussman for nearly 20 years in assembling a high end audio only system and we finally will have the opportunity to construct a dedicated music room which is the one component that has been lacking . Despite our best efforts to improve the the room – but with fundamentally unsuitable dimensions only limited results can be achieved

    Do you offer a service that assist with design , acoustic furnishings etc. ( equipment would be a later discussion ) the room is priority

    Awaiting your response and if within your service offering please put me in contact with relevant department/ person.

    Kind Regards

    • Dennis Foley says:

      Our room design services are broken down into two parts: noise and treatment. Each has an associated fee of 1,500 USD. If you require both noise and treatment services, the fee is 2,500.00. A credit of 50% of all design fees will be credited towards technology purchases from Acoustic Fields.


      The treatment design includes room size and volume, source (speaker)/listening positions within room size and volume for 2 – 40 channels, all low, middle, and high-frequency absorption management, including proper rates and levels of absorption to match usage, type/amount/position. All middle and high-frequency diffusion specified as to type/amount/position to include proper diffusion frequency response/usage. All DIY drawings are provided for all specified treatments and types. Telephone consultation is available to assist you with any build or product implementation.


      Noise analysis includes all internal/ external noise frequency and amplitude measurements taken by the client under my assistance. Noise measurements are taken inside and outside of the subject room twice a day over 7 days. Barrier design based on these seven-day noise study showing frequency, amplitude, and SPL. DIY drawings provided for barrier design are based on these measurement numbers. Material list provided to build the specified barrier. Telephone consultation is available to assist you with any build or product implementation.

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