System Synergy

May 6, 2018 No Comments

System synergy. I get a lot of emails and a lot of phone calls from people. I get a lot of room forms. They go up to 40 a day now sometimes. So hopefully I get to them within 2-3 days for you. If not, be patient, I will get to you. If you don’t […]

Acoustic guitar mic techniques & room acoustics

March 5, 2015 No Comments

In another of our monthly Google Hangouts with experienced and talented audio engineers Brad Pierce, Joseph Baffy and Joshua Wilson, we continued in our efforts to bridge the gap between what you are hearing as an engineer and how the room is causing that problem. The following video and transcript comes from one particular section […]

Why Lateral Sound Fields Are So Important

February 23, 2015 No Comments

Today we’re going to discuss lateral sound fields. We’re going to talk about sound fields over the year 2015 but I want to focus on the lateral sound field today because as control room people, as control room engineers, as audiophiles, as listeners we have to be aware of the lateral sound field which is […]

Best of 2014, AVShowrooms Gold Awards, Audiophile of the Year – YouTube

January 30, 2015 No Comments

This Best of 2014, AVShowrooms Gold Awards, Audiophile of the Year reflects on the best speakers and systems experienced through 2014. A lot of talk about imaging, soundstage, coherence, rythmic cohesion, timbre, etc, but as usual lacking any discussion of room acoustics. Oh well, such is life. Nice to see a genuinely positive audiophile winning […]

How To Match Your Room Size To An Ideal Listening Volume Level

January 14, 2015 No Comments

This Blog has been updated from it original posting to reflect new information and changes in technology regarding the ideal listening volume level. Updated on 12/4/19 Today we’re going to look at average listening room levels. I go into a lot of rooms with dealers and people that have listening systems and the first thing […]

How To Build The Ideal Audiophile Listening Room

September 26, 2014 No Comments

This blog has been updated from its original posting to reflect new information and changes in technology regarding audiophile listening room design. Updated on 11/19/19. Last week one of our YouTube subscribers messaged me the following “My wife is finally going to let me turn the space above the garage into a dedicated audiophile listening […]

Acoustic Treatment Google Hangout Week #3

July 10, 2014 No Comments

Welcome to the third Acoustic Treatment Google Hangout with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields. The below broadcast went live at 11am on Tuesday, July 15th, so thank you for your questions on the room acoustic issues which have been troubling you. Here are the questions we covered this week: 1. Do you know much about […]

One-Sentence Reviews of Four Great Experimental Albums.

Music enthusiasts will love reading some of these newest reviews of recent releases. These albums are truly experimental and may actually provide something all new for people to listen to. These reviews will just be a sentence long, which will add to some of their overall appeal. It will give music fans a chance to explore some all new bands and see how they have impacted some truly diverse music scenes out there.

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One-Sentence Reviews of Four Great Experimental Albums.

Dream recording competition.

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd is celebrating its 25th anniversary by offering a huge prize for music enthusiasts. If you have a band of four members, you could find yourself being recorded (for free) by Guy Massey (who mastered bands such as The Beatles). Do not delay, fill out an application form to gain the chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Dream recording competition.