Brad Haehnel

Brad Haehnel Noise Alchemy Studios LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, USA Testing the Product - Brad's Studio & our ACDA units Brad Haehnel, an audio engineer, started with 8 of our ACDA-10 units to manage the low frequencies from 30 - 300 Hz. in his room. He will be building a new studio shortly and wanted to [...]

NAMM 2015 – Nord Electro 5 – YouTube

February 6, 2015 No Comments

This video demonstrates a new product from Nord, a product of “clavia”, a keyboard manufacturing company. The video is used to demonstrate the key features such as the “split feature” which should especially come in handy for duo performers. The Keyboard is played in the video for a good example of the machines quality for […]

Laidback Luke: Creating a Track in Ableton Live (Dancefair Ibiza 2014) – YouTube

November 20, 2014 No Comments

Laid Back Luke is known as a pioneer of dance music. In this demonstration, he explains some of the basics of mixing house music. He starts off by explaining the use of kick drums as the foundations for his beats. Moving on, he builds layers of music to creat a sophisticated and cohesive melody. It […]

So Blue – Maschine and Ableton Live Jam (112kbps) – YouTube

November 19, 2014 No Comments

This live jam is very jazzy and has an added flare that anyone can appreciate. The rhythm to this song is very soothing and the bass drops down nicely. The piano chords really draw the whole song together which allows for the instrumentals to all tie together.

Ableton Live Deconstruction – “Its Alright” – YouTube

September 9, 2014 No Comments

Danny J Lewis does a Deconstruction of the song, “It’s Alright.” In other words, he cleans up the distinctly grainy sounding bits of the song to make it sound better. The medium this deconstruction is done on is “Ableton Live.” By the end of the video, he has cleaned up and created a bluesy, jazz […]

Ableton Live Deep House Deconstruction Danny J Lewis “Got To” – YouTube

September 8, 2014 No Comments

This deconstruction of the track “Got to” is a showcase for the new synthesizer MPT. This track was produced in 8 bar chunks and deconstructed by clicking the zero key to pull pieces out of the track. Using a deconstructed loop allows you to string those looped arrangements out to really develop the track. This […]

Aphex Twin: music exempt from the perils of ageing | Music |

The electro musician Aphex Twin has released his first album in 13 years, and fans cannot wait to get their hands on it. The famously reclusive composer, who is also known as Richard D. James, has not revealed much about what he has been doing for the past dozen or so years, nor has he revealed much about the album, entitled SYRO. If the past is any indication, it will feature intricately crafted electronic tracks incorporating genres such as hip-hop, industrial techno, and acid house.

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Aphex Twin: music exempt from the perils of ageing | Music |

Ableton Live Tutorial: Remixing Live Instruments w/ Dan Freeman – YouTube

August 18, 2014 No Comments

Instructor and musician Dan Freeman explains how Ableton Live can be incorporated into a digital production. He maintains that good analog sound can be obtained from a sound-card, laptop running Ableton Live, an instrument, and his technique. He details numerous aspects of sound effects that are readily manipulated on a computer. Instructions are clear, concise, […]

Heavy Raw Underground House Beats and Bass in Ableton Live – YouTube

July 31, 2014 No Comments

Danny Lewis presents a deconstruction of a heavy underground and raw sound. He reviews his custom made drum rack, explaining how the saturation effect uses drive to vary the texture. the off-beat tones, which compliment the kick-drum, create a bass line effect. He spends a few minutes playing a Beat 1, originally created while on […]