Vocal Booth DIY Plan (Incl. Consultation)


You get:

  • 7 day noise time study to determine noise frequencies and strengths.
  • Apps provided for measurements using existing phone.
  • Phone consultation available to assist user with noise time study
  • Wall (barrier) construction density and construction methodology based upon noise measurements. Drawings provided.
  • All door and window requirements based upon noise measurements. Drawings provided.
  • All internal diffusion room treatment calculated based upon distance and frequency response requirements to match usage
  • Absorption treatment rates and levels calculated for single or multiple usage.
  • Room treatment designed for standing or sitting recording.
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Building a vocal booth or room involves many variables. The first issue that must be addressed is noise. What noise issues will the vocal room need to isolate from? These noise issues must be measured (quantified) and then qualified through the design and construction. All external noise frequencies and amplitudes (strengths) must be identified and the appropriate wall built to block those frequencies. Noise issues below 125 Hz. will require special materials and construction methodologies.

We will assist you with these noise measurements. They can be done simply using two apps and your existing phone. It is termed a noise time study and is performed over a seven day period to insure that all low, middle, and high levels of noise are measured for both frequency and amplitude. All instructions for performing measurements and charts to record your data are provided.

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The noise you generate inside the vocal room must stay inside the room and not (bleed) into adjacent structures to disturb occupants in those areas. Female singers produce less low frequency energy than males. Multiple singers regardless of gender, produce more energy than solo vocalists. All energy sources within the room and outside the room must be addressed and taken into consideration.

Internal room treatment options in your vocal room are absorption and diffusion. How much absorption and what type of diffusion you will need is determined by the number of singers or voice artists, gender, and the size of your room. Rt-60 times must be calculated to match the sound sources within the rooms and diffusion sequences required will be based upon number of players and distances involved.

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This is a great, comfortable, well designed booth, that’s a real pleasure to work in. And I made the seriously right choice to engage Dennis Foley with Acoustic Fields to partner with!

Stephen Bowlby, SAG-AFTRA voice actor from Colorado. Stephen narrates audio books, films, documentaries, commercials and much more.

Read more about Stephen Bowlby’s project

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We stand 100% behind our product performance levels so we are happy to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee* if you are unhappy with the performance results, for any reason.

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Enough With A Compromised Recording Experience

Don’t live with low frequency pressure issues, bad reverberation or poor diffusion in your vocal booth for a minute longer. With this package deal you will have all the tools to manage low, middle and high frequencies and obtain a true diffused sound field within your vocal booth to achieve high end vocal recordings.

Limited Time Offer

Act now as this price is going up again soon so don’t miss out. As the exclusive designer and seller of these construction plans you cannot buy them in any other store or on any other website.

This product is for serious voice over artists only. If you’re serious about wanting sonic perfection, then this is most definitely for you. Don’t live with a compromised recording booth or room sound for a minute longer. Take action now, believe me, you’ll thank me for this, for years to come.

Thank you

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Dennis Foley
Inventor & Owner of Acoustic Fields


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