QDA S-Series


The QDA series of products incorporates the ultimate of everything in one product. We have quadratic diffusion, broadband and frequency specific absorption all wrapped in a furniture grade wood finish. It is our highest performing product and our most expensive.

The QDA S series of product keeps the diffusion and part of the absorption and wraps it all in a MDF cabinet that is clear coated to prevent dirt and moisture impact. You get a prime number 11, 13 or 17 for the diffusion sequence and our ACDA -10 or ACDA-12 technology in the base. You can choose what type works best for your room and usage. You can choose broadband ACDA -10 absorption from 30 – 200 Hz. or more frequency specific absorption from 30 – 50 Hz. All units are on casters for easy positioning.

With the QDA S series, you get your choice of diffusion and absorption type all in one unit in a cabinet that looks good but without the high cost of wood and paint finishes. The alder wood has a smooth and mellow tone quality that is equal to the more higher priced cherry woods.


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11, 13, 17


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