QDA-23 Quadratic Diffuser Absorber


The QDA – 23 are two units within one .First, a quadratic diffuser based upon prime number 23 with a diffusion frequency response starting at 185 Hz. and going through 3,450 Hz. Behind the prime 23 quadratic diffuser is our activated carbon broadband low frequency absorber from 30 Hz. – 400 Hz. At the base of the QDA-23 is our more frequency specific carbon absorber from 30 Hz. – 50 Hz. The QDA – 23 comes in three units. Each of the two diffuser sections measures 27″ w x 60″ h x 17″ deep and weighs 275 lbs. Together they are 55″ wide. The ACDA-12 base measures 55″ w x 12″ h x 17″ d and weighs 175 lbs. Total weight for the units is 725 lbs.

ACDA-10 Riverbank Test Result

ACDA-12 Riverbank Test Result

Want the ultimate in musical involvement? Looking for an emotional connection and experience each and every time you play your music? Then our flagship Quadratic Diffuser Absorber is for you.

  • An acoustical industry first; Middle range diffusion and low frequency absorption all in one beautifully crafted unit.
  • The quadratic diffuser gives you diffusion from 200 Hz. all the way up to 3,400 Hz. This provides you with incredible separation, definition, and additional timbre quality to your precious mid range and vocals.
  • The low frequency absorber starts absorbing energy at 30 Hz. and moves through 200 Hz. so your bass instruments are both powerful and clear.
  • The combined effect is a larger and deeper sound stage than you will have ever experienced before so you can hear your mid range and vocals as clear and clean as if you were in the studio with the musician.
  • A beautifully crafted solid wood cabinet designed to match your room decor.
  • A unit that measures 36″W x 60″H x 20″D and weighs 275 Lbs.

These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.

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Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 60 × 19 in



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