CSS Ceiling Support System


The CSS is designed to accommodate rooms of different heights, widths, and lengths. The height can be adjusted from 8′ to 10′. The width can go up to 18″ and the length is achieved by “stacking” individual units together. It is truly a room within a room that you can assemble without any construction materials or crew. Two people can assemble within the existing room.

To determine what size you will require in your room, take the measurements of your room and reduce the width and length by 12″. This will be your width and height measurement for your CSS. The height of the CSS is determined by reducing the existing height dimension of the room by just 3″. We want to maximize height as much as possible. Reducing the height dimension by 3″ from your existing room height is a good start.

Each CSS module is 2 units wide and measures 54″ in width. The first units installed will be the ACDA-12 modules. They will go around the edge of your room where pressure areas are the highest. After the border is achieved with the ACDA-12 units, there is a combination of the ACDA-10 and diffusion units. Actual layout will be determined by room usage and room distances.

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Please note: CSM (Ceiling System Modules) are not included.

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