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studio foam

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  • Are you tired of homogenous, ugly looking foam stuck up on your walls? Need a cost effective way of dealing with the problem? Then our DIY Acoustic Panels are ideal for you!

    You get:

    • A material and tool list, cut sheet and easy to follow step by step assembly instructions,
    • Actual build photos showing you what each finished step looks like,
    • DIY plans that are based on our $350+ production units!
    • Phone time with our Chief Acoustic Engineer so any questions can be quickly answered,
    • A 100% money back guarantee!
  • Tired of working with dead sounding foam? Want your vocals and music to shine without losing their emotion and energy? Then our unique Acoustic Foam is for you.

    More cells with better shapes produce more absorption below 500 Hz. In fact, we absorb 30% at 125 Hz. and 63% at 250 Hz. reaching 100% at 500 Hz. We went after the bottom half of the existing absorption curves to produce a foam that has a smoother absorption curve that goes lower where our vocals start and ends with a smoother, more gradual rate and level of absorption.

    You get:

    • More absorption below 250 Hz. than standard foams. It absorbs 30% at 125 Hz., 63% at 250 Hz. and 100% at 500 Hz.
    • Smoother absorption curve from 125 Hz. – 500 Hz. than any other foam on the market. This range is the heart of your vocal and music frequencies.
    • Technology that manages side wall reflections so you can hear the direct sound from your sources and not the reflected energy of your room.
    • Box of 4 foam tiles
    • Available foam sizes: 25″ x 18.5″ x 2″ | 25″ x 54″ x 2″ | 37″ x 54″ x 2″
    • Studio foam that lets your vocals and middle range instruments pop.
    • A technology that does not drain the life out of your room like so many other foams.
    • Foam that finally lets you hear the intimate timbre of the singers voice in every recording. Finally you will have a room that is an acoustical pleasure to record in and very much in demand.
    • A foam that comes with variable installation options.


Showing all 2 results

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