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bass trap

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  • Mockup of a DIY Bass Trap Bass Absorber Plan
    Mockup of a DIY Bass Trap Bass Absorber Plan

    Are you tired of muddy and sloppy bass in your room with bass notes masking your music into one big bloated mess? Need a cost effective way of dealing with the problem? Then you should build your own DIY Bass Absorbers following our easy to follow plans!

    You get:

    • A material and tool list, cut sheet and easy to follow step by step assembly instructions,
    • Actual build photos showing you what each finished step looks like,
    • DIY plans that are based on our $1,000+ production units!
    • Independently tested and predictable performance results,
    • Phone time with our Chief Acoustic Engineer so any questions can be quickly answered,
    • A bass absorber that deals with bass energy all the way down to 30 Hz!
    • Expert placement advice so you can get the most out of your completed unit,
    • A perfect excuse to get away from the family chaos this holiday season,
    • A 100% money back guarantee!

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