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Improve Your Mixing Skills With These 50 Free Multi-Tracks

By March 16, 2012No Comments

For the second part of today’s daily audiophile roundup I thought I’d share this article written by Björgvin Benediktsson of which is about audio mixing in a small studio environment. The Icelandic born musician and audio engineer discusses several ebooks on the topic, one titled Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio, and how it also offers fifty different multi-tracks in a big variety of song genres. Between the guide book, and the proffered tracks, it seems like there is much material to cover, and these could be used as a way of demonstrating your capabilities to prospective clients.

A good and wide resource of tips and advices on how to improve your mixing skills.

Read the full article here:
50 Free Multi-Tracks to Improve Your Mixing Skills


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