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This video is from the Treehouse Masters show. On this episode, the builders explore a small recording studio built in a treehouse. This treehouse studio was built for Bear Creek Studios. The studio has a compost toilet and a sink in the bathroom, electricity throughout the place, and has cork soundproofing. While the actual work place is itself small, the second story bedroom helps make up for the difficulties by allowing the producers to work for long stretches at a time. The result is a workspace nearly anyone could fall in love with… well except for the acoustics which I’m not sure are going to be best… but it looks nice at least.

Read the full article here:
Behind the Build: Record-High Recording Studio | Treehouse Masters – YouTube


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  • Renee Thompson says:

    Could someone tell me the manufacturer of the metal siding used on the outside of the recording studio treehouse featured on Treehouse Masters?

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