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Autotune Accidentally Invented By Oil Scientist

By March 16, 2012No Comments

For today’s daily audiophile roundup I thought I’d share this article written by the excellent Bobby Owsinski of about auto tuning. Given the recent popularity of T-Pain and you tube clips of interviews turned into songs everyone knows about auto tuning but what will surprise you is that it was not a musician nor a production company that invented the technique. It was rather a man simply experimenting with ways to find oil! He was just a simple oil digger.

His technology for finding oil involved sound waves and he just stumbled on the auto tune technology and being a lover of music saw a prospective use of it in the modern music industry. Since its discovery in 1990 it has been used for everything from, well, lousy out of tune singers to those who adapted it into their overall style.

If you want to learn more about the history and discovery of auto tuning, best to read more. 

Read the full article here:
Autotune Accidentally Invented By Oil Scientist


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