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The SM57 Challenge And Why You Should Set Limitations in the Studio

By May 10, 2012No Comments

I want to share this post I came across on which was writtten by the always insightful Joe Gilder for today’s daily audio roundup. How many times have you sat down at your digital audio workstation, loaded up a hundred plugins, fiddled with dozens of microphones, preamps, and outboard… and then gotten bored and abandoned your project? The inspiration is gone; you’ve spent hours putting the same sound through different plugins or microphones, and you’re burnt out. This is why it’s necessary to put limitations on yourself in the studio. You must focus on the fundamentals- good mic placement, a good mix, and you have to finish. Joe Gilder’s taking the SM57 challenge- one hour and one microphone to record a complete song.

Read the full article here:
Why You Should Set Limitations in the Studio (The SM57 Challenge)


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