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Music Is Life

Hello Dennis. I just have a question for you. I am a veteran and I am disabled also form a wreck not in battle. But since I got disabled I lost every thing I owned before I could get my disability started. My home my wife my truck everything. I use to have a semi pro studio But had to sell it all off as well. Now my only income is a little Social security check of $891 per month. All I have left in my life is music. I love playing and recording music. I am in hopes of being able to build me a home studio if not another semi pro one. So my question to you is this. Do you happen to know anyone or any programs who are willing to help the disabled like me try to get back into the business somewhat? I need just about every thing from computer on lol. I play Bass guitar and Drums and Keyboard. But I want to get back to trying to do some recording to help with my such low income. Just wondering if you have any ideas or know of any way for someone like me to be able to get started back with some kind of help or discounted a lot . Looking forward to hearing from you and so Sorry I am bothering you with my problem. I just don’t have anything but my love for music production anymore and am in a lost world with out it.


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Hi Keith,

I know what you mean. Without our love for music, I find very little in life that offers that simplest of rewards.

I can help you with the design of your room at no charge and include the build plans for the absorption/diffusion specified technologies. Fill out the information in this link and then schedule a time to speak by phone.

Free Room Analysis

I bought 1 year ago your diy kit plan at 89$. I have never asked you for the free consultation because I will move in another house in 3 to 4 years and will make a dedicated room for my stéréo system. I don’t want to bother you with my questions for the moment. If possible I will do my room in a garage with the highest ceiling l can. I have watched about 65 of your really informative video.

Thank you Dennis, I think your product and your teaching are the best ( not well known ) secret of the industry. People have often pre conceived idea, it is bad for them.

Thank you very much.


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Hi Sylvain,

Thank you for your support.

When you are ready to begin your room, fill out the information in this link:

Here is a chart that will help you with sizes that will work best. The red area is a no go acoustically and the yellow is a go with proper treatment.

L W H cu.ft.
10′ 3.04m 9′ 2.43m 11′ 3.35m 990 28.03
11′ 3.35m 10′ 3.04m 11′ 3.35m 1210 34.26
12′ 3.65m 11′ 3.35m 11′ 3.35m 1452 41.11
13′ 3.96m 12′ 3.65m 11′ 3.35m 1716 48.59
14′ 4.26m 13′ 3.96m 11′ 3.35m 2002 56.69
15′ 4.57m 14′ 4.26m 11′ 3.35m 2310 65.41
16′ 4.87m 15′ 4.57m 11′ 3.35m 2640 74.75
17′ 5.18m 16′ 4.87m 11′ 3.35m 2992 84.72
18′ 5.48m 17′ 5.18m 11′ 3.35m 3366 95.31
19′ 5.79m 18′ 5.48m 11′ 3.35m 3762 106.52
20′ 6.09m 19′ 5.79m 11′ 3.35m 4180 118.36
21′ 6.40m 20′ 6.09m 11′ 3.35m 4620 130.82
22′ 6.70m 21′ 6.40m 11′ 3.35m 5082 143.90
23′ 7.01m 22′ 6.70m 11′ 3.35m 5566 157.61
24′ 7.31m 23′ 7.01m 11′ 3.35m 6072 171.93

Music In Schools

I hope this message finds you well.

I’m writing today to see if it is at all possible for you guys to make a donation to my band program at Mesquite Junior High School in Gilbert, AZ. We are working on two projects: one to improve the sound insulation in one of our practice rooms, two to transform a practice room into a recording studio. Please let me know if this is something you guys might be able to help out with in any way. Thank you!


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Hi Brendon,

We can assist you with design work, DIY build plans for structures and treatments, and the treatments themselves. We do offer price discounts for churches and schools and can assist with financing to purchase. Contact me at the email listed below.

Recording Studio Reality

Recording studios market their expertise and equipment – but really sell their time. Flashy looking rooms help justify the rates and can inspire first time clients, but if you can’t consistently turn out great sounding recordings – in a timely manner, they’ll never come back. The proper treatment – especially low end treatment – is essential to long term success. Dennis, thank you for helping me turn the room you said needed to be burned down – into a fantastic sounding workspace for recording, mixing and mastering. Another thing we’re noticing is how long we can work without ear fatigue. You just don’t feel beat up after 10 or 12 hours in studio when the room is right.


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Hi Bob,

Thanks. The carbon technology is smooth. I always liked its linearity which is a critical measurement for just about everything else we do with a signal. It goes to show that linearity has its place in room acoustic treatment an in particular the lower frequency carbon technology.

No ear fatigue is another by product of linearity. Its always been and hopefully always will be about balance, which is everything. People used to know that. Today, not so sure.

Church Acoustics

I would like to express how grateful I am for you guys and your foam, I knew I would help, but never imagined it would transform our Audio experience so fully!

Thanks again, will be in touch!


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Hi Ryan,

Churches have both speech and music intelligibility issues. You have the spoken word usually amplified and the music word. Both music and voice require separate treatment programs.

The foam you have installed in your church will treat both issues. It was designed for both voice and music.The absorption curves on the 2″ you used are unique in the business.

Thank you for your video on the DIY process you went through building your foam panels. I am sure it will assist others in the same situation. It will be available for viewing on September on our home page.

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