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Swarm of Rivals Seeking Share of Social Media Pie.

By November 1, 2013No Comments

This article was about the challenges Twitter faces in the ever evolving social media market. With Twitter going public the article mentions several newcomers that stand to challenge it. These newcomers are poised to challenge Twitter because of the implementation of other facets of technology such as video. If Twitter is to survive and maintain its market, the article goes on to explain some ways that it has to evolve in order to remain relevant and draw on profits.

Do you use Twitter much dear reader? Do you use it to promote your studio or source audio conversations? Do you think the float will affect the way you use it? i.e. if they start bombarding you with ads given that’s what Facebook did after their launch?

Read the full article here:
Swarm of Rivals Seeking Share of Social Media Pie.


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