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Sound Deadening

By August 23, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

Sound deadening is an interesting blend of words people use in Goggle search engines. I guess this phrase sound deadening refers to a process of making sound “dead”. Lets explore how we would do this.

We all know from our introductory physics class that energy really can’t be destroyed. We all remember that energy can be transformed into another energy type but not destroyed. If we are going to have a sound deadening process introduced in our rooms, we must change the electromechanical sound that comes from our speakers and change it into some other energy form in order to minimize its sonic impact. Absorption of sound is a process where sound energy is converted to heat through the use of some type of sound absorbing material. Once sound energy is converted to heat through the absorption process, it is lost forever.

The sound absorption process can be accomplished with foams, fabric type materials, activated carbon, and numerous other material types that have the necessary physical characteristics to absorb sound energy. When we absorb sound energy we change its form to heat and all sound energy is reduced that goes through the sound absorbing device. Did we make our sound go dead? Our ears will think so if we use too much of any sound absorbing material type.


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