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Steve Mac is a record producer, and former international professional DJ, in the business for over 20 years. Some of his other businesses include record labels, a publishing company, and now, a management company. He put his first record out in 1994, and has re-mixed hundreds of different musical styles and artists spanning Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse. Interested in music since the age of 11, Mac has been spinning, scratching, and collecting rare vinyl since then. Growing up on hip-hop music defined his path as a DJ as he was immersed in the world of sampling and synthesizers which evolved in to electronic and acid house music through the 80s and 90s. Mixing in the box for the past couple of years and using a hybrid system, Mac has been able to incorporate his analog equipment to create and sculpt his own unique sounds. He says he has the best of both worlds, now, as mixing in the box allows him to surpass the limitations of analog and reach greater levels of power, creative enhancement, or distortion, as the case may warrant.


I am a structural engineer as well as a master furniture maker. I design cabinets for low frequency, activated carbon absorbers. Connect with me on Google+

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